That’s right, those ‘extremists’ in our congress want to shut the government down. Of course it doesn’t hurt them in anyway. They will still get paid(and even if they didn’t get paid, over 50% are multimillionaires) still receive their subsidized healthcare, and receive their ‘food stipends’ and their free transport. 

Yet for those in government jobs and the military personal will not get paid. In fact those in government jobs will not only still have to come to work, without pay, but they are now saying that unlike in the shutdown or 95/96, there will be no ‘retroactive back pay’ security. We will see longer lines for airlines and some smaller airports may close because of the lack of air traffic controllers. We will not have any security as to the safety of our food and air and prescription drugs.

They will do anything to obtain their goal of denying Americans a chance at healthcare insurance and food security and they are so proud of that, that they had a ‘party’ to celebrate their continuing funding that leaves out funding for ‘obamacare’, keeps the sequester cuts in place and make the ‘Monsanto protection act’ permanent.

These people in congress that make over 3 times what the average American makes, are determined to destroy our government (they call it the beast) and in the process are ecstatic about the loss of healthcare and food security. One can only hope that this will finally be what it takes to wake Americans up to the extreme agenda of these ‘pretenders of democracy’ the GOP(gods of poverty) have become.

Think about that for a minute- while they vote to deny Americans healthcare insurance= they have subsidized healthcare insurance-when they vote to cut SNAP by billions, they increased by more than the cuts to SNAP, the farm bill(over 10 in congress profit personally from those farm subsidies) and when they vote to ‘shut the government down’, they still will receive their pay and all those benefits that they so enjoy.

Our only hope for this country is for Americans to wake up and say enough and mean it.

As always thank you for the time it took to read this  Peace




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