On Friday millions of Americans will receive less on their SNAP benefits. After all, its not like there are still 3 to 4 times the unemployed as jobs available and that 80% of new jobs added are at min wage and or part time. Its not like there is sill deep poverty-the highest poverty rates of all developed countries. 

What really makes this a project of demonizing and punishing the poor, is that this will actually add to the debt. How is that-you ask? That is because for every dollar spent on SNAP, it comes back as revenue of a 1.77, which then means for every dollar cut, the government loses 77 cents. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Of course in our current society of ‘all for me and who cares about anyone else’ it makes total sense. In fact it will actually cause more than a 77 cent deficit, because it will lead to layoffs at the stores and food manufacturers which will in turn lead to less revenue. 

Why then the cuts? That is because our current government would rather cut aid to the poor than to cut billions in subsidies to oil, coal and agriculture corporations who need no government welfare. They would rather cut aid to the poor instead of taxing the rich and large corporations. They would rather cut aid to the poor than to increase the min wage to a wage that is high enough that people at that wage don’t need government help. 

They will do just as they did in the 90’s with their welfare reform, with their thinking that if you cut people off from help, they will just go get a magical job and somehow make do. Doesn’t happen that way, but hey, what are facts, right? This will hurt all of us, as our economy is already struggling, and yet they will sell it as -see, we are cutting down on the debt and at the same time making those lazy no-good bums get jobs and feed themselves. How sad, that way too many in our country will believe that.

We need jobs-we need infrastructure repair-we need jobs re-training programs- we need to increase rather than decrease aid to those in need(helps the economy) and we need to get rid on Corporate welfare and we need to increase the min wage. All very common sense ideas, which means that in our government that will never happen. 

Of course I have done the usual and written those that represent my state in DC and signed the petitions,  but it will not matter, since there are only about a dozen in congress that actually remember that they were sent there to ‘serve’ we the people and not just the rich. That doesn’t mean we should just give up, but rather we should endeavor to do even more to bring the awareness of what this will do to our economy. To make matters worse, on Jan 1st’ the lowest cost of living in a long time(there were two years without any cost of living increase) will happen to all those on fixed incomes-you know, the elderly, the disabled and Veteran. 

Is it any wonder that I call it punishing the poor?  Peace and thank you for the time it took to read this.





Yes, that is right. There was a big lie sold to the American people and mainstream media keeps feeding that lie.  Reagan with his ‘government is the problem’ and ‘free market is the answer’ started this big lie.  He managed to sell our whole country on the premise that government is the problem and the only way to solve that problem is to ‘privatize’ all of government and let the private market take over. Of course, this is a lie.

You are probably saying right now, that I have it all wrong. Let me ask you this- what is the difference between ‘not for profit’ and ‘for profit’? Easy, you say, right? Well, government run programs are ‘not for profit’ and private enterprise is ‘for profit’. In fact when a government program is privatized, it then goes from a program run with taxpayer money, not to make a profit, but to benefit the people. When you take that same program and turn it over to ‘private contractors’ it then becomes like any other corporation with a bloated CEO pay and a mission of making profit, not for the government, but for the corporation. That means that we the people still pay for this with our taxes, but now instead of all revenue going back to the government and no CEO being paid a bloated salary, we then are paying for less service(after all-everyone has to be paid and a profit has to be made) and in the end, we pay more for less.

Some states have gone so far as to ‘outsource’ their SNAP programs and that corporation has outsourced the call center to India and the CEO takes his huge cut, meaning that the money for that program has just been cut, all in the name of profit.

How did this happen? Well, we all let it happen and its still happening. Look at the mess of the ‘ACA'(called obamacare by many) and the disaster of the websites. It was outsourced to a private corporation with no oversight by the government. Now that same corporation is pushing the blame back on the government, saying that the government was remiss on checking it out. Right. Yet many will blame the government and we even have the president saying its  . Yes it is  , but not the way everyone says. The government is at fault for outsourcing a needed government site and not doing the work themselves.

All that leads to the question how do we change this? It won’t be easy, because we have whole generations of people that are so certain that everything the government does is wasteful and bloated and doesn’t work, that they are unable to see the difference between for profit and not for profit. As long as this mindset continues, we will see problems like the new ACA site and its chaos, and the only way to change that is to change the rhetoric.

Instead of government is the problem, we need to realize that privatizing our government is the problem. All we do is make corporations rich and we the people continue to suffer. In fact that is what Snowden was trying to point out.  Our government should never outsourced our national defense. It leads to just what happened as there is no loyalty, no government oversight and it has allowed an individual to tell the world all our dirty laundry. We shouldn’t have a program that spies on us and the whole world, but that is another subject.

Where do we go from here? Sure wish I had some answers, but there are no ready solutions, just the facts and the knowledge that people need to be told and to change the rhetoric from government is bad and change it to government is there to help us, not make profit off of us.



There are days, like today, when I read through the comments and replies that I really wonder if they will be successful in their agenda to destroy our government.  That is their stated mission and they don’t care what it does to our economy or to the global economy. They don’t care that they have made us the laughingstock of the world. In fact, they don’t care about anything except to gain complete control of the government that they state -they hate and want to destroy- you know the ‘starve the beast’ and make government small enough to drown in a bathtub.

The reason for my questioning if they will be able, is that so many in our country are so ‘ignorant’ and ‘brainwashed’ by the corporate owned media that they really believe what the tea-party fools say and are quite unaware of the corporate interests that are behind the funding for the tea-party. When you try to reason with these -tea-bots-(my name for the tea-party followers) they basically cover their ears and go La-la-la-la. It is impossible to get them to even look at links that would prove them wrong. How do we overcome that>as they are all so proud to say that they vote.

Our only hope lies in ‘we the people’ that are not tea-bots to ensure that we all vote and that we educate all around us to vote. Will it be enough? Only time and 2014 will be the answer we need.



Yes there is a petition to do just that and here is the link   http://www.credomobilize.com/petitions/prosecute-the-conspirators-who-plotted-the-government-shutdown-in-violation-of-18-usc-2384?source=facebook-share-button&time=1381510965   Please join me and over ten thousand and counting others in signing this petition. Now is the time to do what is needed to reclaim our government from those that would destroy it.   There were 18 GOP senators and 144 house GOP that voted to default and they need to be seen for what they are- traitors plotting the demise of our government. We can’t let them continue to get away with this. 

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This is the definition of sedition   

  1. 1.
    conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

    rabble-rousing, incitement to rebel, subversion, troublemaking,provocation; More        


    What do you think? Are Cruz and his fellow tea-bots (tea party sounds too dignified) guilty of sedition and if so, how can we the people charge them with this crime?


I ask that question, because it has become clear by now, that this is no ordinary shut-down over differences between the two political factions, but rather a take over by the tea-bots (gop tea-party) to assume control of our government. We have Cruz and Bachman in front of the white house egging on the ‘tea-party’ fools and actually agreeing with them.

When did it become okay for those in government to rally against the government? When did it become okay for senators and house reps in congress to publicly and loudly rail against not only the president but the government. When did it become ‘passe’ to run on a platform of ‘government is bad’ and ‘the mission is to destroy government’? 

Ironic to note that the reason why the national parks and monuments are closed is because of the actions of Cruz, who then leads a group of ‘tea-bots’ to rail against the closure and to blame the president for it. Its sad that so few in our country realize how the government works, but it becomes almost criminal when those in government, don’t know how the government works. The president has no control over closing or opening the national monuments and parks, and the control lies totally in the hands of congress.

Is it not then more like a ‘coup’ against our government when those that are in the party that has lost at the elections, turn around and ‘hold hostage’ not only our government, but our economy and country for their demands? 



That is a question the whole world is asking. Its a question we all need to ask. It should be clear by now to everyone that even the GOP radical’s don’t know that answer. They started out with getting the senate to agree to continuing the budget at sequester levels and instead of accepting what they said they wanted, they pushed for all they could think of. They used the ‘obamacare’ as their rallying cry and now it seems that was never really their intention. No they instead think that they can push for cuts to everything and in exchange they say they will release their hostage (that would be our government and economy) Can we trust them?  NO WE CAN’T

I do a lot of reading and in some of my reading today came across an article about what the world thinks of the antics of the radicals that have hijacked our country. Sure they laugh a little, but underneath it ran a similar thread- they don’t think they can trust that our country will be able to pull free from the radicals and that it really might be possible that for the first time in our history our country will default on our debts. They worry that they can no longer trust that our government will be able to do anything and  can we blame them?

If this was happening in another country, our press would be talking about the coup against the government and that they are no longer trustworthy. Maybe that is what we should all be thinking, because in a way is that not what has happened? Is it not like a takeover of our government by these extremists? Have they not hijacked our country and what can we do about it? Do we just sit back and let them destroy our country? They have already succeeded in shutting down our government and have every intention of using our debt ceiling as hostage to their demands. Yet we have seen that their demands are never done and instead they just keep coming back with more demands. You don’t negotiate with blackmailers and that is what these extreme radicals are, just common blackmailers. That said, they are in our government and there seems to be no way to stop them. 

If our president and the senate give in to them to stop the default, it will never end. So what is the solution- can we charge them with sedition against our government?  I have no answers and it appears that those in charge have no answer either. It should be simple, right? A game of chicken and our countries future lies in the balance. 

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