Of course none of this hurts these people in the house as they still get paid. I watched an interesting clip where two representatives (GOP) were asked if they were willing to give up their pay for the duration of the ‘shutdown’ just like the over 800 thousand federal workers who are now without pay. They both mumbled and kept trying to say that they were working on things and as she pressed them, in the end-there was a mumbled NO. Over 50% of those members in congress are multi-millionairess, so a time period without pay wouldn’t hurt them in the least. And for those not millionaires, their starting salary of 174 thousand a year is such that they also would not be harmed by ‘giving up their pay’ for the duration of the shutdown. 

Sadly, many of the federal workers are at or close to min wage and they will be hurting. I read that they can apply for unemployment, but that would take time. At the same time this congress of NO is saying that they will not retroactively pay these people and there are many that are working for ‘free’ right now, and its still not clear if they will get paid. 

What will it take to get ‘adults’ in our congress? It appears at this moment that the ‘children’ are running the show and the mature reps and senators are just standing back and letting them destroy our government. Of course a lot of this is showboating for their ‘base’ but it has to stop. 

I wonder how long it will take before Boehner and McConnell are told by their ‘owners’ that a default on our debts would be very devastating for them?  I am sure that Wall street and Large corporations are getting nervous, just as the global community is. There would have been a time when the thought of ‘radical few’ could bring our government to the brink would have been impossible, but now it appears that the radical few would be allowed to. This is not good for our country and the ramifications would be felt globally 

Thank you for the time it took to read this   Peace




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