What makes this even worse than at any other time, is the reasons behind why this is happening. Never before in our history as a country have we seen such a ‘coup’ by a few radical politician. Sure there was the ‘conspiracy’ when FDR was president, but that was not precipitated by the members of congress. I have been reading some of the comments that these ‘tea-party fools’ are saying and its shocking how happy they are and at the same time inferring that they want to ‘default'(not raise the debt ceiling) as that will finally break the yoke of government. Yeah, they really say stuff like that. In fact they make no secret of their plans to hobble our government unless they get their demands met.

If our president and the senate comply with their demands, we will no longer have a democracy. All of this because they hate anything to do with the president. They say they speak for all Americans and corporations and small business and they are complying with their wishes. That doesn’t quite match with the reality of what is happening. In NY state over 30 million visits and 12000 signed up and that was just in that state.

These people should be treated as if they are committing sedition against our government and be charged as such. This is what in another country we would call a government coup and condemn the actions. Yet here in our country that is not how its perceived. Of course we have fox news with the ‘government slim down’ and the tea-bots that are posting on all the usual social media sites and they repeat over and over the tired old tea-party refrain of ‘we don’t need government’ and it will hurt no one if government is not funded  

What should get everyone’s attention is the concerns of the global community and their reactions to the ‘shut-down’ of our government by a minority faction. They are understandably worried as to what this could mean to the global economy and at the same time, are worried that our country will fall. Never did anyone ever think that our government would be taken over and refuse to meet our monetary obligations. 

Will they  continue on their mission to kill the ‘beast'(government) and in the process destroy our country? I think that yes they will try very hard to do just that. It will destroy our country, our economy and our global standing. Wall street will crash, the banks will all crash and of course it will destroy our struggling economy. One must wonder if this is their intent-to destroy our country and put us in a ‘3rd world status'(I know that is not the politically correct term) 

Interesting to note that Cruz(the tea party idol) is on the healthcare insurance of his wife’s employment(goldman sachs) and at the same time we have ‘goldman sach’ asking for the house to reconsider their actions and to stop all the bickering and just get the government back in order and not to default on our debts.  Will they listen- of course not. 

No one seems to have an answer and the future of our country lies in the chaos we see now in DC. So again, what do we the people do to avert this?





  1. It seems odd that the government budget is never big enough. Everybody should feel guilty we never pay enough taxes because the debt needs more of our money. Taxed Enough Already is the TEA Party banner. We will pay our bills. How come we need to increase our budget faster than our population? Oh yeah, tax cuts will push granny off the cliff?

  2. I believe that the current government shutdown and debt ceiling debate is more about the upcoming congressional elections than anything else. Tea Party congressmen need to show their constituencies they are holding their ground against all the attacks they face. Meanwhile the Democrats see this situation as an opportunity to regain control of the House by blaming the GOP. Democratic analysis will be answering the question, which Republican incumbents are really susceptible to defeat in 2014? The results will be sustained Dem efforts to re-take those seats.

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