That is a question the whole world is asking. Its a question we all need to ask. It should be clear by now to everyone that even the GOP radical’s don’t know that answer. They started out with getting the senate to agree to continuing the budget at sequester levels and instead of accepting what they said they wanted, they pushed for all they could think of. They used the ‘obamacare’ as their rallying cry and now it seems that was never really their intention. No they instead think that they can push for cuts to everything and in exchange they say they will release their hostage (that would be our government and economy) Can we trust them?  NO WE CAN’T

I do a lot of reading and in some of my reading today came across an article about what the world thinks of the antics of the radicals that have hijacked our country. Sure they laugh a little, but underneath it ran a similar thread- they don’t think they can trust that our country will be able to pull free from the radicals and that it really might be possible that for the first time in our history our country will default on our debts. They worry that they can no longer trust that our government will be able to do anything and  can we blame them?

If this was happening in another country, our press would be talking about the coup against the government and that they are no longer trustworthy. Maybe that is what we should all be thinking, because in a way is that not what has happened? Is it not like a takeover of our government by these extremists? Have they not hijacked our country and what can we do about it? Do we just sit back and let them destroy our country? They have already succeeded in shutting down our government and have every intention of using our debt ceiling as hostage to their demands. Yet we have seen that their demands are never done and instead they just keep coming back with more demands. You don’t negotiate with blackmailers and that is what these extreme radicals are, just common blackmailers. That said, they are in our government and there seems to be no way to stop them. 

If our president and the senate give in to them to stop the default, it will never end. So what is the solution- can we charge them with sedition against our government?  I have no answers and it appears that those in charge have no answer either. It should be simple, right? A game of chicken and our countries future lies in the balance. 

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2 thoughts on “WHAT NEXT?

  1. There is no end to Tea Party demands. With each win they go on to make more demands. That is the behavior of an extortionist. Their real intent is to reduce the United States Federal government to a very limited bureaucracy that cedes most functions to the individual states. The result will be the end of the United States as a consequential power in the world. They appear to be winning.

    America’s enemies couldn’t be happier.

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