I ask that question, because it has become clear by now, that this is no ordinary shut-down over differences between the two political factions, but rather a take over by the tea-bots (gop tea-party) to assume control of our government. We have Cruz and Bachman in front of the white house egging on the ‘tea-party’ fools and actually agreeing with them.

When did it become okay for those in government to rally against the government? When did it become okay for senators and house reps in congress to publicly and loudly rail against not only the president but the government. When did it become ‘passe’ to run on a platform of ‘government is bad’ and ‘the mission is to destroy government’? 

Ironic to note that the reason why the national parks and monuments are closed is because of the actions of Cruz, who then leads a group of ‘tea-bots’ to rail against the closure and to blame the president for it. Its sad that so few in our country realize how the government works, but it becomes almost criminal when those in government, don’t know how the government works. The president has no control over closing or opening the national monuments and parks, and the control lies totally in the hands of congress.

Is it not then more like a ‘coup’ against our government when those that are in the party that has lost at the elections, turn around and ‘hold hostage’ not only our government, but our economy and country for their demands? 




  1. Yes those fools want to over turn the federal government. Ted Cruz is the frightening. Does he see himself as the new president? Democracy only works where compromise exists. The outcome of this situation, if the Tea Party has its way, is a much diminished United States.

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