There are days, like today, when I read through the comments and replies that I really wonder if they will be successful in their agenda to destroy our government.  That is their stated mission and they don’t care what it does to our economy or to the global economy. They don’t care that they have made us the laughingstock of the world. In fact, they don’t care about anything except to gain complete control of the government that they state -they hate and want to destroy- you know the ‘starve the beast’ and make government small enough to drown in a bathtub.

The reason for my questioning if they will be able, is that so many in our country are so ‘ignorant’ and ‘brainwashed’ by the corporate owned media that they really believe what the tea-party fools say and are quite unaware of the corporate interests that are behind the funding for the tea-party. When you try to reason with these -tea-bots-(my name for the tea-party followers) they basically cover their ears and go La-la-la-la. It is impossible to get them to even look at links that would prove them wrong. How do we overcome that>as they are all so proud to say that they vote.

Our only hope lies in ‘we the people’ that are not tea-bots to ensure that we all vote and that we educate all around us to vote. Will it be enough? Only time and 2014 will be the answer we need.




  1. The Republican Party has been has been taken hostage by the Tea Party group. Their agenda appears to be destroying the Federal government. The consequences of their success will be destroying world finance. Despite what other may say, I believe they have at least a 50-50 chance of succeeding in early 2014. Since this country is so divided they may even be a success in the 2014 elections.

  2. Alas, I feel you may be correct. There seems to be a large portion of our population that is under their influence and they will stop at nothing in their mission to destroy our government and thus our country.

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