On Friday millions of Americans will receive less on their SNAP benefits. After all, its not like there are still 3 to 4 times the unemployed as jobs available and that 80% of new jobs added are at min wage and or part time. Its not like there is sill deep poverty-the highest poverty rates of all developed countries. 

What really makes this a project of demonizing and punishing the poor, is that this will actually add to the debt. How is that-you ask? That is because for every dollar spent on SNAP, it comes back as revenue of a 1.77, which then means for every dollar cut, the government loses 77 cents. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Of course in our current society of ‘all for me and who cares about anyone else’ it makes total sense. In fact it will actually cause more than a 77 cent deficit, because it will lead to layoffs at the stores and food manufacturers which will in turn lead to less revenue. 

Why then the cuts? That is because our current government would rather cut aid to the poor than to cut billions in subsidies to oil, coal and agriculture corporations who need no government welfare. They would rather cut aid to the poor instead of taxing the rich and large corporations. They would rather cut aid to the poor than to increase the min wage to a wage that is high enough that people at that wage don’t need government help. 

They will do just as they did in the 90’s with their welfare reform, with their thinking that if you cut people off from help, they will just go get a magical job and somehow make do. Doesn’t happen that way, but hey, what are facts, right? This will hurt all of us, as our economy is already struggling, and yet they will sell it as -see, we are cutting down on the debt and at the same time making those lazy no-good bums get jobs and feed themselves. How sad, that way too many in our country will believe that.

We need jobs-we need infrastructure repair-we need jobs re-training programs- we need to increase rather than decrease aid to those in need(helps the economy) and we need to get rid on Corporate welfare and we need to increase the min wage. All very common sense ideas, which means that in our government that will never happen. 

Of course I have done the usual and written those that represent my state in DC and signed the petitions,  but it will not matter, since there are only about a dozen in congress that actually remember that they were sent there to ‘serve’ we the people and not just the rich. That doesn’t mean we should just give up, but rather we should endeavor to do even more to bring the awareness of what this will do to our economy. To make matters worse, on Jan 1st’ the lowest cost of living in a long time(there were two years without any cost of living increase) will happen to all those on fixed incomes-you know, the elderly, the disabled and Veteran. 

Is it any wonder that I call it punishing the poor?  Peace and thank you for the time it took to read this.





  1. The answer to your question is quite simple. The rich have lobbyists that bring subsidies to oil, coal and agriculture corporations. The poor have no lobbyists. The poor must rely on volunteer organizations to speak for them.

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