In case there was still any lingering doubt as to the agenda of the GOP in the house, there last actions leave no room for doubt. They passed a bill that opens up our ‘public lands and offshore oceans’ to drilling and fracking, and they at the same time passed as part of that bill- a fee of 5 thousand dollars to apply for a permit to protest any of these actions on our public lands and offshore oceans. That’s right-a fee of 5 thousand dollars to be able to use our first amendment rights to free speech and right to protest and assemble peacefully. Couple that with their intention to cut 39 billion dollars from SNAP, while at the same time give larger than normal ‘subsidies’ to large agriculture corporations and leave out the small family farms, and there is no doubt that they are not working for ‘we the people’

Its us to ‘we the people’ to sound the alarms and voice the disapproval of their actions. That means we share with all we know and we encourage all to vote in 2014. That is our only hope. Will the senate pass these two measures, probably no, but the fact that this is the way they think should scare each and every American.

What I don’t understand is their insistence on cutting needed safety net programs at a time when our economy is already struggling. It will not help with the debt and in fact will add to the debt-as all benefits are spent and that adds to revenue. With the cuts that already took place, that will be felt in our economy and will lead to less revenue and actually add to the debt problems. That makes it clear that their only mission is to punish the American people for being poor, not being fiscally responsible.

How then do we stop these pretenders of democracy? One way is of course to vote, but will that even be enough, as so many in our country are totally brainwashed to vote against their own best interests. Can we as bloggers and readers of alternative news help? Yes, yes we can and we must. We after all are the new media for the people in our fight against the corporate interests that seek to own our country. We have become the United Corporations of America and it will be a fight to reclaim our country and once more be a government of the people and the United States of America.

So, is there any doubt left that the GOP(gods of poverty and guards of plutocrats) are not interested in  working for the people?

Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you on this week of thanksgiving.

Never forget that we are the new media, the only media that is not corporate owned.

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I know that sounds like quite the statement, but in essence its very true. Since 95% of our  media is owned by only 7 giant media corporations, and there are no laws in our country requiring that our news be truthful, non biased and factual, we do not have real news.

What this means is that the corporations slant the news to suit their agendas and that has nothing to do with real news. This has led to a very high portion of our population that has no idea of what is actually happening in our country. The news in our country never really tells about what is going on around the world. The cover of the Times on many an occasion has had a different cover for the USA, than what the cover is for the rest of the world. We have the  ABC 60 minutes fiasco about the ongoing ‘Benghazi’ insanity where they took the word of someone that was not even there-they apologized after the fact- then today we see the founder of Facebook-mark zukenberger  and when the reporter asked what he thought about the failed ACA roll-out- they did not get the answer they expected as Mr Zukenberger set them straight about how websites can take a while to iron out the problems. The real problem with that is that the reporter was very biased about the subject.

What happened to news that was actually true and factual and non-biased? How can we expect the people in this country to be educated about the issues and who to vote for if they only listen to the mainstream media?  I look for the news in many areas online and that does include BBC World and I also have found ways to read news sites from outside our country that will be in English or I can use the Google translator.  That means that I have a fair idea of the reality of our world and our country and I of course share that with all I know,both online and offline.

That though leaves a good majority of our country that still depends on only the corporate owned media and they are very hard to persuade that the news is biased and not very factual. We hear nothing of the good things happening in our economy and about the president. We hear nothing about the inequality of wealth that is destroying our country.

What do we do? I truly don’t know how to change this.

As always thank you for the time it took to read this and may joy, harmony and love surround you.



That’s right the house GOP are positively giddy with joy at the problems besetting the roll out of the ACA. They are using it as a reason to do nothing-NOTHING- at all, no budget-no immigration reform-no jobs bills and in fact they have called in the house GOP for next years agenda-and guess what it’s a blank sheet and per Cantor, they had to work so hard this year that next year they will work even fewer days.

What kind of government takes such joy in doing nothing? It looks like our government does. They of course don’t talk about the fact that they made sure to decrease funding where ever possible for the ‘ACA’ website and its been confirmed by the FBI that the ACA website has been beset by cyber attacks at least 7 times. They instead concentrate on how the website isn’t working so why should they do anything on anything else. Yes they actually said that.

We need to get rid of these people that consider doing nothing and in essence trying at all times to undermine our government,what they are supposed to do. How sad is that?

We are looking at unemployment funding expiring just in time for the holidays and they of course want to gut SNAP and if they can, they want to attack SS and Medicare and Medicaid all in the guise of its needed to lower the debt. Of course SS has nothing to do with the budget or the debt, but no matter to the GOP/tea party fools.  What we need are bills for infrastructure repair and jobs and VA jobs, but instead they have spent the last week re-naming monuments and drafting additions to public lands bills to allow drilling and fracking and offshore drilling and fracking. Not one bill that is needed to help our country. Not one bill and no budget and no indication that they intend to do anything at all.

Why do they continue to be allowed to destroy our country and how do we the people change what is not happening?

So-here we are with a party in majority in the house that are giddy that the American people are suffering and they will go to any lengths to continue that suffering. Austerity measures are destroying jobs and lives, and that seems to be their only goal

I don’t know about you, but that makes me very angry. How do we change this-well of course there is our vote and our voice, but unless we use those options, nothing will change.

Peace and may joy and harmony and love surround you-


Occupy Wall Street Activists Buy $15m of Americans’ Personal Debt – and ‘Forgive’ It

2012 The Awakening



Occupy Wall Street'Our primary purpose was to spread information about the workings of this secondary debt market,' said Andrew Ross. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Occupy Wall Street’Our primary purpose was to spread information about the workings of this secondary debt market,’ said Andrew Ross. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images


Stephen: This will be happening more and more as the days roll on. What is revealing is the low price that debt can be purchased for – as opposed to the overall amount of the debt that is claimed to be owed… Read on.


By Adam Gabbatt in New York, The Guardian -November 12, 2013


A group of Occupy Wall Street activists has bought almost $15m of Americans’ personal debt over the last year as part of the Rolling Jubilee project to help people pay off their outstanding credit.


Rolling Jubilee, set up by Occupy’s Strike Debt group following the street protests that swept the world in 2011, launched on…

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After the storm that hit the Philippines, it should be clear to everyone,that something is really wrong with our climate. Yet, not here in the USA, with the climate deniers and the ‘climate deniers’ that are in our congress and some sit on the science committee. Our media is complicit in the denial of climate change and that make it even worse.

We just saw a storm that is the biggest in our recorded history and still that doesn’t convince those in our country. What will it take? We need as humans to face the fact that climate change is not only real, its much worse than we imagined. In the fight over if its caused by humans or not, has caused many to deny that there is a change, and that is dangerous on many levels. Of course our actions have an impact on our environment and  effects the climate. We as humans have been bent on destroying our environment all in the name of progress and ‘money’. We are all complicit in what is happening and if we want to survive, we need to face the facts.

Will it take storms of this strength hitting the USA, before those in our government, media and ‘big oil’ corporations, before this is taken seriously? Will that even be enough to change this attitude? I really have my doubts. If we don’t start now preparing for the changes that are happening, its questionable if we will survive.

Yes, we are better prepared than they are in the Philippines, just because we are a wealthier country, but in a sense, that is also part of our downfall. Its so easy to say that the tragedy of Philippines could never happen here and if it did, it wouldn’t be as horrific. That is just fooling ourselves.

They are projecting that in Florida, before the end of the century, the oceans will raise more than three feet and most of Miami is only 3 feet above sea level now. Does that mean that they are working on ways to move the city further above sea-level or even admitting that it is happening and could happen even faster- no-it doesn’t. 

We passed the tipping point of no return and now our only hope is to find ways to survive the coming changes. How in this country will that be possible? We have corporations that now are trying (over 600 global corporations) to bind countries to their wishes and their wishes are not in accordance with environmental protections and preventing further damage to our climate. No, their only goal is money and power and they think they are above all the damage being done to our earth.

So, what then do we do? I have no good answer to that question-of course we need to stop now, not tomorrow, our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. We need to become in tune with our earths needs and to realize that if we don’t, it could mean the end of humanity.  Does that sound too dramatic, maybe, but its true.

How do we stop what is happening? We can’t stop it and the only things left are to try to mitigate the abuse of our earth and find ways to live in harmony with our earth- that means finding ways to exist with the coming changes and I really wonder if that is even possible, at least here in the USA, with our corporate owned government and even corporate owned scientists, that every day deny not only that humans have an impact on the climate, but that its even happening.

That leaves it up to those of us that are sane enough to see what is happening and to urge our government to stop denial and instead work on protecting our earth and finding ways for humanity to survive.

Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you

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Our future does rest with what we the people do. If we do nothing, we get nothing, but if we unite our voice and engage in the process of government, we then are able to have the kind of future that is good for all of us. The real problem lays in getting people engaged and interested in the long haul. It won’t happen overnight and it will take more than some are able to imagine, if we are able to reclaim our government and our future.

We all took a collective ‘nap’ and distanced ourselves from the process of our government. We did have help with that, with our media that is owned by only 7 corporate giants and their stated mission, of changing what the people see. There really was a time when we could count on our news being non-biased and somewhat factual. We used to actually see what was going on in other countries and things like ‘Miley’ with her odd performance were not the top news. Instead we actually were aware of what was going on, because our media had a goal of educating the people and actually be reporters.

Now it is quite different. Look at what 60 minutes did? There was a time when that wouldn’t have happened. So, the question is-what do we do to change this? Yes, there are many online sources that are available and are not biased, but and that is a big but-that doesn’t combat the mainstream media and fox news. How then do we change this?

One way is to educate all that you know both online and offline and to talk to people, not just let them continue to live in the ‘mainstream media’ bubble. I was encouraged that we may be able to effect change, when I was at my 7th grade grandsons choir recital and the teacher that was starting it all off, referred to the shutdown and the inability of those in congress to work together and go past their differences, while in this choir-there were boys from grade 6 thru college all coming together to form this program. That was good-it means that people are beginning to wake up.

That brings me back to my original statement- the future rests on what we the people do. If we want change, then we have to change-that means voting and helping those in states where voting is being obstructed, to be able to vote. That means researching and talking and sharing. We can no longer sit back with apathy and think our future will change. I don’t know about you, but I want a better future for my grandchildren, than the one we now have.


Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you. We are all in this fight together and we need to remember that.



That is of course a good thing, but at the same time, it doesn’t mean we should be complacent and think that the same things will happen in 2014. Its so important to take back the house and senate from the tea-party crowd, if we want to see any action done in our government. The actions of the tea-party fools are destroying our country and our government is unable to function in a good way.  We are all paying a high price for this- our infrastructure is crumbling and our safety nets are being cut-while we are seeing a rate of inequality of wealth not seen since 1916. Our economy is struggling and really has no way to function, as long as only a few hold the majority of the wealth in our country.  The jobs available are for the most part either part-time or at min wage, or both. There is no way for the 3 to 4 times the unemployed as jobs available to find good work. much less all find employment. Sadly, the number is probably much higher than the 3 to 4 times unemployed as jobs available, because many have just given up on even looking. The young in our country are suffering the most- as the jobs that once the young would have filled, are now held by older workers desperate for any job and the older worker is holding on to working much longer than in the past.

Are their ways to fix this problem? Of course, but that will take getting a government that works for the people and not just the corporate interests of the elite. That is why its so important to continue the goal of voting into office in every state and in our federal government, people that actually want to ‘serve’ the people and do the work needed. Things like infrastructure repair and jobs re-training and education bills-jobs bills- increasing aid to needed government aid programs and increasing SS benefits (eliminating the payroll ceiling on SS would solve any solvency problems) and either permanent or temporary easing of age requirements down to full SS at 62 and at the same time allow the use of Medicare at 55, would solve so much. It would allow seniors to retire and open up jobs for the younger worker and at the same time be a real boon to our economy. That would be because, now there would be the retired worker with income and a new worker with income.

These are all common sense, along with changing tax policies and regulations to prior Reagan and at the same time reform our ‘safety nets’ to actually work and have no ‘mandatory’ time requirements- instead be set up to aid people and at the same time ensure that once they are able to make do without government aid, still give aid for up to 3 months to allow them to be comfortable and not subject to spiraling back down into poverty.

Will any of this happen? No, not while we still have a government and country that is held hostage to the whims of the elite and the tea-party fools that are in thrall to these same elite

Peace and may joy, love and harmony surround you