That is of course a good thing, but at the same time, it doesn’t mean we should be complacent and think that the same things will happen in 2014. Its so important to take back the house and senate from the tea-party crowd, if we want to see any action done in our government. The actions of the tea-party fools are destroying our country and our government is unable to function in a good way.  We are all paying a high price for this- our infrastructure is crumbling and our safety nets are being cut-while we are seeing a rate of inequality of wealth not seen since 1916. Our economy is struggling and really has no way to function, as long as only a few hold the majority of the wealth in our country.  The jobs available are for the most part either part-time or at min wage, or both. There is no way for the 3 to 4 times the unemployed as jobs available to find good work. much less all find employment. Sadly, the number is probably much higher than the 3 to 4 times unemployed as jobs available, because many have just given up on even looking. The young in our country are suffering the most- as the jobs that once the young would have filled, are now held by older workers desperate for any job and the older worker is holding on to working much longer than in the past.

Are their ways to fix this problem? Of course, but that will take getting a government that works for the people and not just the corporate interests of the elite. That is why its so important to continue the goal of voting into office in every state and in our federal government, people that actually want to ‘serve’ the people and do the work needed. Things like infrastructure repair and jobs re-training and education bills-jobs bills- increasing aid to needed government aid programs and increasing SS benefits (eliminating the payroll ceiling on SS would solve any solvency problems) and either permanent or temporary easing of age requirements down to full SS at 62 and at the same time allow the use of Medicare at 55, would solve so much. It would allow seniors to retire and open up jobs for the younger worker and at the same time be a real boon to our economy. That would be because, now there would be the retired worker with income and a new worker with income.

These are all common sense, along with changing tax policies and regulations to prior Reagan and at the same time reform our ‘safety nets’ to actually work and have no ‘mandatory’ time requirements- instead be set up to aid people and at the same time ensure that once they are able to make do without government aid, still give aid for up to 3 months to allow them to be comfortable and not subject to spiraling back down into poverty.

Will any of this happen? No, not while we still have a government and country that is held hostage to the whims of the elite and the tea-party fools that are in thrall to these same elite

Peace and may joy, love and harmony surround you




  1. This nation is too divided for any of your wishes to be fulfilled. Those living in the middle of the country or in the South have a different view of the Federal government’s roll. I refer to the area from Montana/North Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico. It’s all the congress can do to keep the government open.

    1. That is where it becomes very important that those portions of our country be told the real truth about government and that the ‘reagan’ view of government is bad and private industry is best’ and that it was a lie designed for one thing only and that is the agenda of ensuring that the elite few have all of the benefits of government and all the money, as the ‘people’ become poorer. its a sad commentary on our mainstream media and the mess they have created. its past the time to blame each other and see that in reality, this is the main mission of the elite- to create a hatred for each other and apathy towards the government. we the people have a very loud voice, but only if we unite and that is of course what those in control want never to happen. Peace and I always look forward to your postings and your comments.

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