Our future does rest with what we the people do. If we do nothing, we get nothing, but if we unite our voice and engage in the process of government, we then are able to have the kind of future that is good for all of us. The real problem lays in getting people engaged and interested in the long haul. It won’t happen overnight and it will take more than some are able to imagine, if we are able to reclaim our government and our future.

We all took a collective ‘nap’ and distanced ourselves from the process of our government. We did have help with that, with our media that is owned by only 7 corporate giants and their stated mission, of changing what the people see. There really was a time when we could count on our news being non-biased and somewhat factual. We used to actually see what was going on in other countries and things like ‘Miley’ with her odd performance were not the top news. Instead we actually were aware of what was going on, because our media had a goal of educating the people and actually be reporters.

Now it is quite different. Look at what 60 minutes did? There was a time when that wouldn’t have happened. So, the question is-what do we do to change this? Yes, there are many online sources that are available and are not biased, but and that is a big but-that doesn’t combat the mainstream media and fox news. How then do we change this?

One way is to educate all that you know both online and offline and to talk to people, not just let them continue to live in the ‘mainstream media’ bubble. I was encouraged that we may be able to effect change, when I was at my 7th grade grandsons choir recital and the teacher that was starting it all off, referred to the shutdown and the inability of those in congress to work together and go past their differences, while in this choir-there were boys from grade 6 thru college all coming together to form this program. That was good-it means that people are beginning to wake up.

That brings me back to my original statement- the future rests on what we the people do. If we want change, then we have to change-that means voting and helping those in states where voting is being obstructed, to be able to vote. That means researching and talking and sharing. We can no longer sit back with apathy and think our future will change. I don’t know about you, but I want a better future for my grandchildren, than the one we now have.


Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you. We are all in this fight together and we need to remember that.



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