After the storm that hit the Philippines, it should be clear to everyone,that something is really wrong with our climate. Yet, not here in the USA, with the climate deniers and the ‘climate deniers’ that are in our congress and some sit on the science committee. Our media is complicit in the denial of climate change and that make it even worse.

We just saw a storm that is the biggest in our recorded history and still that doesn’t convince those in our country. What will it take? We need as humans to face the fact that climate change is not only real, its much worse than we imagined. In the fight over if its caused by humans or not, has caused many to deny that there is a change, and that is dangerous on many levels. Of course our actions have an impact on our environment and  effects the climate. We as humans have been bent on destroying our environment all in the name of progress and ‘money’. We are all complicit in what is happening and if we want to survive, we need to face the facts.

Will it take storms of this strength hitting the USA, before those in our government, media and ‘big oil’ corporations, before this is taken seriously? Will that even be enough to change this attitude? I really have my doubts. If we don’t start now preparing for the changes that are happening, its questionable if we will survive.

Yes, we are better prepared than they are in the Philippines, just because we are a wealthier country, but in a sense, that is also part of our downfall. Its so easy to say that the tragedy of Philippines could never happen here and if it did, it wouldn’t be as horrific. That is just fooling ourselves.

They are projecting that in Florida, before the end of the century, the oceans will raise more than three feet and most of Miami is only 3 feet above sea level now. Does that mean that they are working on ways to move the city further above sea-level or even admitting that it is happening and could happen even faster- no-it doesn’t. 

We passed the tipping point of no return and now our only hope is to find ways to survive the coming changes. How in this country will that be possible? We have corporations that now are trying (over 600 global corporations) to bind countries to their wishes and their wishes are not in accordance with environmental protections and preventing further damage to our climate. No, their only goal is money and power and they think they are above all the damage being done to our earth.

So, what then do we do? I have no good answer to that question-of course we need to stop now, not tomorrow, our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. We need to become in tune with our earths needs and to realize that if we don’t, it could mean the end of humanity.  Does that sound too dramatic, maybe, but its true.

How do we stop what is happening? We can’t stop it and the only things left are to try to mitigate the abuse of our earth and find ways to live in harmony with our earth- that means finding ways to exist with the coming changes and I really wonder if that is even possible, at least here in the USA, with our corporate owned government and even corporate owned scientists, that every day deny not only that humans have an impact on the climate, but that its even happening.

That leaves it up to those of us that are sane enough to see what is happening and to urge our government to stop denial and instead work on protecting our earth and finding ways for humanity to survive.

Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you

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