That’s right the house GOP are positively giddy with joy at the problems besetting the roll out of the ACA. They are using it as a reason to do nothing-NOTHING- at all, no budget-no immigration reform-no jobs bills and in fact they have called in the house GOP for next years agenda-and guess what it’s a blank sheet and per Cantor, they had to work so hard this year that next year they will work even fewer days.

What kind of government takes such joy in doing nothing? It looks like our government does. They of course don’t talk about the fact that they made sure to decrease funding where ever possible for the ‘ACA’ website and its been confirmed by the FBI that the ACA website has been beset by cyber attacks at least 7 times. They instead concentrate on how the website isn’t working so why should they do anything on anything else. Yes they actually said that.

We need to get rid of these people that consider doing nothing and in essence trying at all times to undermine our government,what they are supposed to do. How sad is that?

We are looking at unemployment funding expiring just in time for the holidays and they of course want to gut SNAP and if they can, they want to attack SS and Medicare and Medicaid all in the guise of its needed to lower the debt. Of course SS has nothing to do with the budget or the debt, but no matter to the GOP/tea party fools.  What we need are bills for infrastructure repair and jobs and VA jobs, but instead they have spent the last week re-naming monuments and drafting additions to public lands bills to allow drilling and fracking and offshore drilling and fracking. Not one bill that is needed to help our country. Not one bill and no budget and no indication that they intend to do anything at all.

Why do they continue to be allowed to destroy our country and how do we the people change what is not happening?

So-here we are with a party in majority in the house that are giddy that the American people are suffering and they will go to any lengths to continue that suffering. Austerity measures are destroying jobs and lives, and that seems to be their only goal

I don’t know about you, but that makes me very angry. How do we change this-well of course there is our vote and our voice, but unless we use those options, nothing will change.

Peace and may joy and harmony and love surround you-



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