I know that sounds like quite the statement, but in essence its very true. Since 95% of our  media is owned by only 7 giant media corporations, and there are no laws in our country requiring that our news be truthful, non biased and factual, we do not have real news.

What this means is that the corporations slant the news to suit their agendas and that has nothing to do with real news. This has led to a very high portion of our population that has no idea of what is actually happening in our country. The news in our country never really tells about what is going on around the world. The cover of the Times on many an occasion has had a different cover for the USA, than what the cover is for the rest of the world. We have the  ABC 60 minutes fiasco about the ongoing ‘Benghazi’ insanity where they took the word of someone that was not even there-they apologized after the fact- then today we see the founder of Facebook-mark zukenberger  and when the reporter asked what he thought about the failed ACA roll-out- they did not get the answer they expected as Mr Zukenberger set them straight about how websites can take a while to iron out the problems. The real problem with that is that the reporter was very biased about the subject.

What happened to news that was actually true and factual and non-biased? How can we expect the people in this country to be educated about the issues and who to vote for if they only listen to the mainstream media?  I look for the news in many areas online and that does include BBC World and I also have found ways to read news sites from outside our country that will be in English or I can use the Google translator.  That means that I have a fair idea of the reality of our world and our country and I of course share that with all I know,both online and offline.

That though leaves a good majority of our country that still depends on only the corporate owned media and they are very hard to persuade that the news is biased and not very factual. We hear nothing of the good things happening in our economy and about the president. We hear nothing about the inequality of wealth that is destroying our country.

What do we do? I truly don’t know how to change this.

As always thank you for the time it took to read this and may joy, harmony and love surround you.



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