In case there was still any lingering doubt as to the agenda of the GOP in the house, there last actions leave no room for doubt. They passed a bill that opens up our ‘public lands and offshore oceans’ to drilling and fracking, and they at the same time passed as part of that bill- a fee of 5 thousand dollars to apply for a permit to protest any of these actions on our public lands and offshore oceans. That’s right-a fee of 5 thousand dollars to be able to use our first amendment rights to free speech and right to protest and assemble peacefully. Couple that with their intention to cut 39 billion dollars from SNAP, while at the same time give larger than normal ‘subsidies’ to large agriculture corporations and leave out the small family farms, and there is no doubt that they are not working for ‘we the people’

Its us to ‘we the people’ to sound the alarms and voice the disapproval of their actions. That means we share with all we know and we encourage all to vote in 2014. That is our only hope. Will the senate pass these two measures, probably no, but the fact that this is the way they think should scare each and every American.

What I don’t understand is their insistence on cutting needed safety net programs at a time when our economy is already struggling. It will not help with the debt and in fact will add to the debt-as all benefits are spent and that adds to revenue. With the cuts that already took place, that will be felt in our economy and will lead to less revenue and actually add to the debt problems. That makes it clear that their only mission is to punish the American people for being poor, not being fiscally responsible.

How then do we stop these pretenders of democracy? One way is of course to vote, but will that even be enough, as so many in our country are totally brainwashed to vote against their own best interests. Can we as bloggers and readers of alternative news help? Yes, yes we can and we must. We after all are the new media for the people in our fight against the corporate interests that seek to own our country. We have become the United Corporations of America and it will be a fight to reclaim our country and once more be a government of the people and the United States of America.

So, is there any doubt left that the GOP(gods of poverty and guards of plutocrats) are not interested in  working for the people?

Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you on this week of thanksgiving.

Never forget that we are the new media, the only media that is not corporate owned.

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