This year I celebrated Thanksgiving with my husband at the care home where he lives. The man that runs the home is a very good cook and there are only 5 residents, counting my husband. It was a quite celebration and very important to me, as there is no assurance that next year will be spent this way. My husband is dying and so we take each day as they come.

Still I couldn’t help thinking of what Thanksgiving used to mean, before black Friday and now it seems to include black Thursday. People died yesterday fighting over an X-box of all things. When did greed become such an ingrained part of the Thanksgiving weekend? When did people fight with each other over towels-as they did at a Wal-Mart-or have knock down fights with Taser’s at a mall? What has happened to our country?

I do not par-take of these shopping trips centered around corporate greed, although I must admit that I do all my shopping on-line. Much more peaceful and I can shop in my jammies.

I can only hope that at some time our country will wake up and remember what Thanksgiving is really for-you know a time to celebrate with family and friends and realize our blessings and to be thankful for those blessings.

So-I wish you all peace and hope that you were able to spend your day with loved ones and friends.

Peace and may joy and harmony and love surround you.



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