The tea-party fools are at it again. As we have the speaker of the house (Boehner) claiming that after all they have done a good job in the house-and its all the fault of the senate and that president of ours that are the problem, they are busy putting together two bills that threaten the people with continued austerity while upping the coffers for Defense and the large Agriculture corporations. That’s right-they put together a bill to not only eliminate the sequester cuts to defense, but to give even more money than was requested. How do they plan to do that? They want to cut payments to Medicare providers and of course their favorite-they want to change cost of living for SS and VA to what they call the chained cost of living-you know the one that states that those on SS and VA, when faced with higher prices, will just buy a lesser brand or do with less- think eating cat food instead of tuna. They also want to decrease aid to the ‘small farmer’ and increase subsidies to large corporations- all this so that they can give more to defense and large corporations.

We the people are just to do with less and more austerity measures all in the name of greed. How many times will they be able to do this, before the people say no more? Yet the Speaker of the house claims that they are doing their job and are doing all this for the American people? Which people are these that they talk of? Its surely not the elderly,disabled, children or working poor. What better way says ‘love for the people’ than to cut aid to the poor and to the veterans that have fought in the endless wars. I almost forgot what the other bill is-and isn’t. That is the continued unemployment for the long unemployed-of course they say that is no longer needed.

So, just in time for the Christmas holidays and so in the spirit of Christianity-cut aid to the poor and food for the hungry and no money for the unemployed.  What a grand present and just think, we live in the worlds wealthiest country.  Unfortunately in our country, only the wealthy get tax breaks and subsidies and the poor and the disappearing middle class just get less and less. I read that some of the largest corporations are grumbling about their declining sales and wonder why. Gee-do you think it could be because the people have no money to spend?

Merry Christmas from our government to you the people-well anyway, those in government and the ‘people’ (the few elite and large corporations)they serve will enjoy Christmas and the rest of us-well-don’t worry-it will just trickle down to you, if only you give them some more money.

How do we stop this?   Peace and may joy,harmony and love surround you.



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