That’s right, the governor of Maine wants to change the law and allow children as young as 12 be allowed to work. Do you remember when Gingrich in his ‘debate’  proposed that children be allowed to work as janitors in school, so as to teach them how to work? What is wrong in our country that these ‘men and women’ of the GOP(gods of poverty) want to take our country back to the robber baron days and the days of children being worked to death in sweatshops and no protections like min wage for any worker? Why are they so insistent on taking us back, and not forward?

How do we change this? We vote them out of office is the first step and then we ensure that only people that actually want to work for the people and in the 21st century, not in the late 1800’s. These same ‘people’ are trying to get the 17th amendment eliminated and allow for senators and representatives to be chosen by the state government and not by the people. It is easy to see why as then there is no one to stop them from their ultimate goal of destroying our government and enslaving the people for their corporate owners.

So, please make sure that you help all you know to be educated on the issues and who is best suited to lead our country forward and not backward.  Lets make sure that the corporations that so want to turn our country into the United Corporations of American not win. Lets make sure that we stay the United states of America and vote accordingly.





  1. The voters of Maine will decide the fate of their governor. You have brought my attention to my view that the United States is too diverse to remain one nation. Further, do voters really know what is best for them? We rely on the “facts” provided by our news media. Too many excellent representatives have lost their elected seats thanks to Tea Party activists. Too many elected representatives have won their seats thanks to overwhelming financial support from special interest groups.

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