There is quite the uproar, fueled by our corporate owned media, about the min wage being raised. You will hear the argument that it will hurt the min wage worker, as it will increase prices and businesses will let people go. The truth is much different than that. History has proven that instead of raising prices and loss of employment, quite the opposite happens.

When people in the lower middle class and working poor get a raise, they spend that extra money in the economy. That extra money being spent then translates into higher revenues for the businesses and at the same time drives the demand for new hires.

You will hear the argument that- see how high the costs are of everything and that is because of giving people better wages through the years and if we just stop giving these min wage raises, then everything will go down or stay at least the same. LIE- and a big one at that. Since wages for the 98% of the country have been stagnant and the buying power for the middle class has been cut, not made more, and the working poor can’t even afford basic needs-even working full time, its obvious that keeping wages low does not keep prices low.

I live in a state with the second highest min wage in the country and yet my gasoline at the pump is usually lower than in those states with lower min wage. None of my other purchases are any more, either.

The buying power of min wage today is less than what it was in the 60’s, and overall productivity in our country has increased 80% and yet the working poor must work a min of 77 to 88 hours a week to maybe meet basic needs. That is because all of the wealth in our country(90%) for the last decade has gone totally to the top 1%. The CEO’s with their bloated pay and the corporations and elite few that have rigged the tax policies in their favor, scream in outrage when anyone mentions raising the min wage. In fact they will tell you that we need the min wage removed, so as to help all those poor people without jobs.

That doesn’t work. When the people have no money to spend, then the economy does not run. In the worlds wealthiest country it borders on evil that our working poor even working full time, will still be homeless. How does that help anyone? Ford found that when he upped the pay and benefits for his employees, he got better built cars and his employees could now afford to buy one of his cars. Then all the other businesses started seeing more business and that drove the need for new hires. They also, of course, then had to offer better wages and working environment if they wanted to attract new hires and keep them.

Bottom line- our min wage needs to be raised. Its been proven time after time, that it does not affect the economy in a bad way and instead stimulates the economy and leads to fuller employment. Its not just the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. Our min wage if it had kept up with productivity and the same buying power as in 1968, would be over 15.00 an hour and if it had kept up with the CEO pay, it would be over 25 dollars an hour. Min wage was never meant to be less than poverty level and instead was meant to be the min wage that would enable a worker to be able to work full time and meet basic needs.

Do we really want to be a country with over half of our population either under poverty level-or near poverty level-over 157 million people- or do we want to raise the min wage and lower the amount of people stuck in the grips of poverty.


Merry Christmas Eve




  1. Read my recent post Raising the Minimum Wage is No Solution. The working poor is the consequence of the free enterprise system. People with poor education or littmotivation are doomed to remain in this situation. America is built around the idea that you are free to make your way in this world. If
    you don’t make the effort you remain in poverty. Historically there have been a variety of
    charities that have supported those in need. The government has provided an ever increasing amount of aid. There are no other answers. Life can be cruel.

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