Our government-the GOP/teaparty  has left for the year and did nothing about the expiring unemployment for millions of Americans that are unable to find work. Course the fact that there are not enough jobs for all that are unemployed doesn’t matter to our government. They are fond of saying that it makes people dependent if you help them, so see-we are doing you all a favor. They plan to gut SNAP when they come back-can’t have those hungry elderly,children,disabled and working poor eating-nope-instead they plan to increase the subsidies for the very richest of agriculture farms more than the cuts they plan to make for the poor that will now go hungry. They also would love to gut SS and Medicare and of course they plan to ‘vote to eliminate the ACA’ as soon as they get back to work.

Why? Why do they hate the American people so much, that they will purposely destroy our economy all to demonize the poor and unemployed in our country. Like I said Merry Christmas Americans from the party bent on destroying our government, our country and the people all to satisfy their owners- the few elite and large corporations.

I think that about says it all-


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