The rich still need more money in their pockets as is evidenced by the latest farm bill. There are 20 in congress that stand to profit greatly from the increased subsidies for ‘farm aid’. over 400 thousand for the democrat 6 and over 2 million for the 14 GOP.  They get to profit from their votes and in fact on of those 20 actually was the one to propose the increased funding. Yet they will cut over 8 billion from SNAP, as they say it is needed to keep the debt down. Only problem with that reasoning is that the rich few will not spend their money into our economy like the SNAP benefits.

That means that since November millions of dollars have been taken out of our economy.  First there was the biggest cut ever at one time to SNAP, then the long term UI was cancelled and now another big hit to SNAP. If our government’s agenda is to kill our economy and throw millions into poverty, well this is the plan to do that.

I wonder if the fact that the majority in our congress are millionaire’s, would have anything to do with their actions? In case you wondered how, if money is being cut from the budget, that it will add to the debt-  For every dollar spent on ‘safety net’ programs, it comes back as revenue of about 1.70. That means that the austerity measures being applied will add to the deficit as will the increased subsidies for ‘big farms’. Those ‘few elite’ really have no impact on our economy as they are ‘few’ and their purchases are more in the luxury class and they park their money offshore to hoard their wealth, while the ones in need of safety net programs spend every penny back into the economy.

This will only change as more and more formerly middle class are shoved down into poverty and then the outcry might finally be heard by those in government. The latest actions by our congress will lead to more layoffs and more poverty and a higher debt. Can anyone doubt that their purpose is to continue to drain our country dry to enrich the few-including themselves

Vote this year like never before and vote for the best interests of the many and not for the few elite. We the people are the true government and its time to remember that.




That’s right, the same man that told us that they were not going to be concerned with unemployment, but only with employment, went to DAVOS on taxpayer money to mix with the uber wealthy in our world. Our country doesn’t have the monetary capability to provide for the working poor, the elderly, the Veterans, the children, the disabled and those that are left out of the job market-but there is enough money to spend this man to a ‘meeting’ of all the uber rich. Something is very wrong with that picture- just three beverages cost him over a hundred dollars—more than half what a person on food aid gets for a whole month.

There are not enough jobs available for all that are unemployed- a very sad and real problem for all those that are left out in the cold with no aid from the government. How vague and at the same time a slap in the face to all those in our country that are unemployed and unable to find a job.  We needed those jobs programs that they (the GOP) refused to even hear or vote on and we needed the infrastructure repair bills to be heard and passed and we needed veteran job programs, but what do we get? We get Cantor going to hobnob with elite and all on the taxpayer money.

What will it take for all Americans to start to get angry enough to vote this year and be an educated voter and vote only for those few that actually want to serve the American people and do what is right for the people- not just the few elite and large corporations .

Peace and may you be surrounded by love harmony and joy



I wanted to understand how and why the GOP voters think the way they do, so I signed up to have Speaker Boehner’s newsletter sent to my inbox. It’s a good and easy way to keep up with their lies and propaganda. If someone only ever read these lies and listened to only Fox news and read sites like Washington Times, they would totally believe all these lies and not question them.

One of the biggest lies was the reference to over 30 jobs bills that they claimed to have sent to the Senate and the Senate refused to pass them. There were no clean jobs bills ever sent and any real jobs bills were either not allowed to come to the floor in the house and ‘filibustered’ by the GOP in the senate. But, again, unless you read all the bills like I do, you would have no reason to doubt that they were telling the truth.

Second lie- there is no unemployment problem, people just need to go get jobs and they are so concerned, which is why they are in favor of job training and to continue to give unemployment insurance to people just makes them lazy- there are still at the min 3 to 4 times unemployed as jobs available and that only counts those that are still recognized as looking for work.

Third lie-Pushing through the Keystone pipeline would create thousands of jobs and bring our country oil that would reduce the price of gasoline- fact- it will provide at the most 50 to 100 full time jobs and it is already sold overseas to Asia and would actually raise the price of gasoline, but it would enrich Speaker Boehner and the Koch Bros would see billions in profit

Fourth lie There are security risks with Obama care and so passed a bill to combat that and ensure that there is no more risks-  fact- this bill creates more costs for the exchanges and is only designed to create problems with ACA and to keep people from using the ACA

Fifth lie Benghazi caused by lack of military personal caused by the White House-  fact- in 2010 the GOP gleefully cut the budget for all embassy security funding and even when asked for more, declined and cut even more the next year and so on-

Sixth Lie- Keeping NSA safe from the presidents reforms—fact, they want to keep it just the way it is and do not want to allow any regulations or oversight-

In all of this, the prevailing attitude is that after all it’s the fault of the president and its up to them to protect the people from the president.

How sad that they have so many convinced to blame the wrong people and to allow them to continue to destroy our country.

Bottom line- how do we wake up those still lost in Tea-party GOP bubble land?



Today I was reading again about the horrid storm that has hit the NE and so glad that I don’t live there.  The next thought was to wonder about all the homeless in those areas and how they will survive. Its shameful that I have to even think about that. In our country the mindset is that if you ignore the poor and homeless, then somehow they don’t exist.

There are thousands in our country now that are the unseen homeless, those lucky enough to have a vehicle to sleep in or a friend/family member that will allow them to sleep on their couch or the floor. DHS even has a word for it-couch surfing Then there are those that lurk under bridges or in alleyways to escape notice, or those that we see on a daily basis, with their signs and their pleas. I give when I can and when I am out and about. That begs the question- what happens to all these poor homeless people when weather like this hits? You know the shelters are full and they are woefully smaller than needed.

I was reading an article about a man using empty shipping containers that are outfitted with all the basics of a studio apartment and then they have stacked them on the acre next to the YWCA. There is also a few towns that are tackling the problems with those that are homeless that involve either apartments or houses- but that is just a drop in the bucket, compared to how many are homeless in our country.

They say now that over 50 million Americans are now either near-at- or below the poverty line. That is a disgrace to our country and should shame our government leaders- but it won’t. They already plan to cut even more from the SNAP program and this right after letting the unemployment needed by millions in our country,expire. Happy new year-

I wish there was some good solution, but there are many things that can be done-1. raise min wage to the min needed to be able to meet basic needs- raise SS benefits to raise the lowest paying above poverty level- use all the bank owned properties that are sitting empty and use them for section 8 housing and the list goes on-

Yet, our government does none of this and the people are too poor to do it themselves- so please say a small prayer-or thought- for the homeless in the frozen NE and hope that they are able to find shelter from the cold.

Peace and may love-joy and harmony surround you