That’s right, the same man that told us that they were not going to be concerned with unemployment, but only with employment, went to DAVOS on taxpayer money to mix with the uber wealthy in our world. Our country doesn’t have the monetary capability to provide for the working poor, the elderly, the Veterans, the children, the disabled and those that are left out of the job market-but there is enough money to spend this man to a ‘meeting’ of all the uber rich. Something is very wrong with that picture- just three beverages cost him over a hundred dollars—more than half what a person on food aid gets for a whole month.

There are not enough jobs available for all that are unemployed- a very sad and real problem for all those that are left out in the cold with no aid from the government. How vague and at the same time a slap in the face to all those in our country that are unemployed and unable to find a job.  We needed those jobs programs that they (the GOP) refused to even hear or vote on and we needed the infrastructure repair bills to be heard and passed and we needed veteran job programs, but what do we get? We get Cantor going to hobnob with elite and all on the taxpayer money.

What will it take for all Americans to start to get angry enough to vote this year and be an educated voter and vote only for those few that actually want to serve the American people and do what is right for the people- not just the few elite and large corporations .

Peace and may you be surrounded by love harmony and joy



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