The rich still need more money in their pockets as is evidenced by the latest farm bill. There are 20 in congress that stand to profit greatly from the increased subsidies for ‘farm aid’. over 400 thousand for the democrat 6 and over 2 million for the 14 GOP.  They get to profit from their votes and in fact on of those 20 actually was the one to propose the increased funding. Yet they will cut over 8 billion from SNAP, as they say it is needed to keep the debt down. Only problem with that reasoning is that the rich few will not spend their money into our economy like the SNAP benefits.

That means that since November millions of dollars have been taken out of our economy.  First there was the biggest cut ever at one time to SNAP, then the long term UI was cancelled and now another big hit to SNAP. If our government’s agenda is to kill our economy and throw millions into poverty, well this is the plan to do that.

I wonder if the fact that the majority in our congress are millionaire’s, would have anything to do with their actions? In case you wondered how, if money is being cut from the budget, that it will add to the debt-  For every dollar spent on ‘safety net’ programs, it comes back as revenue of about 1.70. That means that the austerity measures being applied will add to the deficit as will the increased subsidies for ‘big farms’. Those ‘few elite’ really have no impact on our economy as they are ‘few’ and their purchases are more in the luxury class and they park their money offshore to hoard their wealth, while the ones in need of safety net programs spend every penny back into the economy.

This will only change as more and more formerly middle class are shoved down into poverty and then the outcry might finally be heard by those in government. The latest actions by our congress will lead to more layoffs and more poverty and a higher debt. Can anyone doubt that their purpose is to continue to drain our country dry to enrich the few-including themselves

Vote this year like never before and vote for the best interests of the many and not for the few elite. We the people are the true government and its time to remember that.



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