That’s the message another one of the 1% had for the 99%- stop whining and realize how lucky you are, since if you lived in India and made 35 thousand a year- you would be part of the 1% there, so see how lucky you are. Really- yes he really said that and really used that analogy.

Well, we don’t live in India and neither does he or any of the other obnoxious 1% greedy that profit hugely from our country. If they want to live in India or Bangle dash or Mexico or any other non-developed country, then please move there. As for us- the 99% don’t deserve to live in poverty and they don’t deserve to be told to stop whining- who do these uber elite think they are? It seems that lately there has been quite the outcry from the uber 1% greedy rich- that we should feel sorry for them and stop being mean to them- after all, we need them and we need to stop whining and stop wanting what they have. After all, according to them, we live like kings – anyway we would in India and its just because we are lazy and no-good and whiners or we would be rich like them.

It is encouraging in a way that they are starting to notice this ‘picking’ on them and their need to assert how lucky we are and how much they need us- because that means that more and more people are waking up and realizing just what ‘greedy monsters’ they really are. Am I being harsh by calling them greedy monsters- maybe, but it is their own fault. By allowing their greed to become so outrageous, they are in effect bringing them on themselves. Most Americans are very honest, hard working, giving and independent and as long as the ‘social contract’ is honored and we are able to work full time and earn enough to save and buy a house, provide for our family and be able to meet our needs, we are happy. But when there are no longer livable wage jobs and the social contract no longer exists, then people start noticing and realizing why this no longer exists is because of the greed of the few.

The global elite call us the ‘useless eaters’ and they have no allegiance to any country and their only agenda is to hoard their wealth and to bring down everyone’s living conditions to the lowest possible and to create 3rd world conditions everywhere.

So- quit whining all you useless eaters- for myself, I think the real useless eaters are the few elite and global corporations and they need to quit their whining=




I ask that question, because today it was quite apparent from several sites I was on, that many didn’t even understand how the bills and budgets are made and that all this is, is to pay for the bills that they ratified and put through. Time after time, I was told that no- our spending is out of control and we have to stop it, so we just want to pay less-and person after person telling me that I didn’t understand that this president is out of control and his spending is bankrupting us. When I commented that actually this administration has cut spending faster than any time for 60 years and that it has actually hindered our economy- well they come real unglued then.

The reality is that this is an archaic practice- raising the debt limit- and needs to be changed.  There should be no doubt or reason to have doubt that the bills that you agree on, will be paid. Why is this even needed?

The house passed the debt ceiling and now it goes to the senate with fools like Cruz already threatening to filibuster, because can’t be paying our bills. He is quite aware of the 14the amendment, but he and his ilk count on those without knowledge of civics and our government budgets, to believe their lies.

So, again- don’t they teach civics and economics in high school anymore?



The president when he signed this new ‘farm bill’, praised it for the help to ‘farmers’ and creation of jobs and very nicely left out the part about cutting food aid to the poor-SNAP. The reality is that even though they changed the wordings, they did nothing to stop the enormous aid that goes to the large agriculture farm or very wealthy farmers. In fact 20 of those ‘rich farmers’ will benefit from this latest farm bill and they will benefit in a big way- shouldn’t that be considered corruption- to vote to cut aid to the poor and at the same time voting to ensure that your ‘subsidies’ are not touched and in fact they were raised?

It should be apparent now to everyone how corrupted and owned by corporate interests our government really is. Yes their were those in congress (very few, but one was from my state) that voted against this and brought up the fact that it nothing to change the fact that more than one person in those ‘wealthy farms’ could be granted a subsidy. It did open up hemp to be researched in 6 state universities and it did delete the harmful Monsanto gmo protection bill. Yet It added to subsidies almost what was taken from SNAP.

What really sucks about this, is that the money going to subsidies and farm crop insurance, does nothing for our economy, but the absence of those SNAP dollars will harm our economy. It will cause a loss of jobs as the grocers that depend on food stamp usage will have to cut back on employees and will have less revenue to send in taxes.

Austerity and cutting of all safety nets and refusing to raise min wage or continue extended unemployment will have the desired effect (it must be on purpose) of sinking our economy and leading to the possibility of another deep recession. The compounding of all these cuts since November is already starting to slow down our economy. Just read where Wal-Mart is complaining that because of the cuts in November and now with the UI also ending for millions, that means less people have the money that is needed to even grocery shop. This is only the start as it can and will spiral downwards as more and more people have not the needed money to meet even basic needs.

What is so sad is how so many in our country actually believe it’s a good idea to stop aid to the poor and working poor and the elderly and disabled and that it will save our country money. That is not how it works. It actually costs money as for every dollar of safety net money- it always comes back as more than was given and that is an aid to our economy and now that extra will not be there.  You know what is really sad about all this is the fact that for a person say making 50 thousand a year-  their share of taxes for SNAP is only 38 dollars and yet for all the subsidies to corporations and agriculture comes to over 4 thousand dollars— Do you get that?  Only 38 for a whole year for SNAP to help the poor and yet the subsidies for the already bloated corporations is 4 thousand dollars-  I don’t know about you, but I would much rather it was the other way around.

We live in the worlds wealthiest country and the president said with a smile, what a good deal for the American people this new farm bill is. Somehow that almost seems evil…… The poor aren’t our enemy, the enemy is the government that is owned by the few and soon we will be the United Corporations of America- and our only hope of changing that is by voting this coming election and vote like your life depends on it, because it does.