I ask that question, because today it was quite apparent from several sites I was on, that many didn’t even understand how the bills and budgets are made and that all this is, is to pay for the bills that they ratified and put through. Time after time, I was told that no- our spending is out of control and we have to stop it, so we just want to pay less-and person after person telling me that I didn’t understand that this president is out of control and his spending is bankrupting us. When I commented that actually this administration has cut spending faster than any time for 60 years and that it has actually hindered our economy- well they come real unglued then.

The reality is that this is an archaic practice- raising the debt limit- and needs to be changed.  There should be no doubt or reason to have doubt that the bills that you agree on, will be paid. Why is this even needed?

The house passed the debt ceiling and now it goes to the senate with fools like Cruz already threatening to filibuster, because can’t be paying our bills. He is quite aware of the 14the amendment, but he and his ilk count on those without knowledge of civics and our government budgets, to believe their lies.

So, again- don’t they teach civics and economics in high school anymore?



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