The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it

The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it. I found this quite interesting and so wanted to share, as it is well worth the read.


The new face of poverty

We have Reagan to thank for the face of poverty that we see today. Reagan convinced  a generation of our population that the real face of poverty was a black woman in a Cadillac with more than one baby daddies. That way when funding for poverty is cut, its okay with the people. When I make this assertion I lose to the story of the black welfare queen it started with Reagan. Then Clinton came along with his reform of welfare, insinuating once again said of course except black man in black woman using up all these white peoples hard earned money. Course they don’t put it quite like that, but it’s really easy to see that’s what they mean. Just like now with Paul Ryan and his inner city culture where men no longer even look for work. Sadly for all those stuck in the more of poverty, the reality is quite different.

It’s an age old way for the plutocrats of our world to denigrate the poor as if it’s their fault, this convincing good people to be compliant in the ‘starving’ of the masses, by convincing them that the poor are taking their hard earned money. What’s sad about that is that the true welfare kings and queens are the politicians we elect to office and the corporate dollar that drives the greed of those elite few.

The only way to change this, is to become aware of their lies and to fight back. that happen, most days I doubt that. To give an example, on Facebook an old friend that moved out of state, posted an Obama care with the normal gop/teaparty rhetoric. I was shocked that not only did 
she agree with the rhetoric, she was incensed that the poor in sane states, received Medicaid, as it wasn’t fair to her husband who had a good job, that some lazy person wasn’t working and buying his own insurance. When i told her about a mutual friend that worked for min safe at a company that refuses to allow you to work full time , so no benefits, and now has Medicaid-found out she had a brain tumor and needs ongoing care and expensive prescriptions to combat this tumor, she said its not her problem that our friend chose to work for such little lady and no benefits-That’s when I realized the extent of the programming of people in our country , and it made quite sad.

No one wants to be poor and being poor in the world’s wealthiest country in the world, happens because of government is owned and run for the few on the backs of the poor, and as long as people buy into the poverty myth perpetuated by the few and our government, the few will continue to get richer and the middle class continue to disappears and join the ranks of the poor.

This is my first trial at using my tablet and Swype, since I shattered my shoulder, so hope it made sense.


May love and harmony surround you