That may not seem like a problem, but it is. With every day in our country the wealthy few get richer and the poorer get poor. We no longer have a thriving middle class and in fact our middle class is poorer than other wealthy countries. How did we get here and how do enact the changes needed?

The only way to enact changes is to wrestle control from the corporate dollar that owns most of our government and to once more have progressive high end taxation-no more subsidies to the already bloated oil and coal corporations-no more tax breaks for outsourcing and for paying your ceo bloated salaries at the expense of the employees(who do the actual work) and regulations that protect the citizen from the avarice of corporate interests. These used to be in place in our country, but starting with Reagan, all that has changed. 

Now in our country as we hover closer and closer to becoming the United Corporations of America, it becomes even more important that we engage in the process of voting and informing ourselves on the issues and the candidates. It won’t happen overnight, as it took almost 4 decades to get to the mess we are now in, but it is possible to change the mindset of our country back to working for the common good and realizing that corporations and the top wealthy few need taxes and regulations to keep them from owning our country.

Keeping it short today as this is my first trial of typing since I broke my arm. Peace and may harmony and love surround you.