I just spent the last day going back and forth with some posters on climate change. It was unbelievable to me the extent of their lack of scientific education. Even when I listed links to prove my assertions- they wouldn’t bother to read them and then would post a link to a ‘you tube’ article. 

The problem with this kind of disconnect with science in our country is leading to inaction on needed preparations for the coming disasters that await us with projected climate change. I tried to bring attention to the fact that the only ones that profit from this ‘climate change denial’ are the corporations that are driving the pollution behind the climate change, but then of course, I am attacking the ‘job creators’ and can’t have that.

Sadly, this is just one more aspect of ‘fascism’ and it goes hand in hand with extreme religious fanatics that can’t have the people educated as then they will question their beliefs.

The house republicans just passed a bill that forbids the pentagon to budget for climate change risks and in two different states it is also illegal to consider rising ocean levels-north carolina and south carolina- and at the same time in Florida where Miami already sees trouble from higher storm surges, of course Scott their governor wants nothing to do with that, so Miami is doing their own studies on what they might be facing from higher ocean levels. The house also voted to budget much less for any science grants.

We are at a time in history where our future depends on what we do to mitigate the coming climate change and how to best survive. The generations to  come will look back at this time with disgust and shame at our actions. Education and knowledge is despartly needed in our country if we are to progress  and keep our country from being the United Corporations of America with the Koch Bros as CEO’s and science totally outlawed- and no mention allowed of the devastating effects that humans are having on our climate and our earth. 

This is like the flat earth myth and how hard it was for the first scientists  to convince people that not only was the earth round but the earth is orbit around the sun, not the sun in orbit around the earth. 





Today is a holiday to honor all those that have died in the wars our country has and is involved in. This was a day to honor the dead from the civil war and has seen our country in many wars since that time. Maybe the fact that there are several in my family that have served in the military (army, marines, navy) and are now in the service, which also includes those injured in service to our country, makes me feel very passionate about honoring all those that have come before and will be coming still.

Right now, there is a big ‘fight’ (temper tantrum) in DC about the poor service and backlog of service to our vets. What isn’t mentioned is that starting in 2005-Bush and his cronies successfully cut funding year after year for the care of our vets and that all the cuts to the safety net that we have seen for the last 34 years, also hurt those same vets. There should NEVER be a question of cost where these men and women are concerned and in fact if anything we should be RAISING the budget so that it covers all a returning vet will need now and in the future, and that includes comprehensive healthcare, housing, food and education if needed and then help with jobs.

It borders on evil that there are so many vets in our country that are homeless, hungry and sick. In the overwhelming agenda of GOP/Tea-party in shaming and demonizing the poor in our country- the collateral damage includes vets and their family. In fact those cuts to food stamps last November and the cuts made this year, also affect young families that are in the military. 

How do we change this? We vote and that means we all vote and we vote out those that have no concern for the Vets and for the poor and we vote into office people willing to serve our country and to ensure that all vets have what they need and of course all the poor in our country

So, today I honor all those that have died in our military and honor all those in active service and those left so disabled from their injuries- and I commit to joining with others to find a way to never ever have wars or young men and women dying on battleground- no more horrendous injuries both physical and mentally- 

Peace    Image



With our fast disappearing democracy and the breakdown on any real governing going on in DC, it can lead to voter apathy and that we must stop. Voting is one of the few real tools we have in reclaiming our government. For much too long, people have been brainwashed by the constant swill that emits from our corporate owned media. We all are aware of the damage Fox news already does, but too many people don’t realize that the other corporate owned media are also suspect.

So-did you vote? If you haven’t  had a primary and don’t vote till later in the year or until November, then please take the time to  become acquainted with the candidates and the issues and share those findings with all you know both online and offline and encourage all to vote this year. Yes, in some states they have tried very hard to limit the ability for people to vote freely and easily and that means we will all have to help those people be able to vote.

Peace and may joy and harmony surround you



That is really what they have just done and at the same time, in that bill it would let the earned income credit and child tax credit expire. If there really any doubt left as the agenda of the GOP/ tea party fools? They were questioned by the leading dems in the house as to why these cuts don’t have to be offset like everything else, and the answer was that it doesn’t matter- yet it matters when its Unemployment Insurance renewal, or safety net programs or for that matter anything that will help the people. If they really cared about budget deficits, then they would not have passed this bill.

Instead we have new committees to explore their ‘non scandals’ that will cost the taxpayer even more than the already millions that have been squandered already on ‘non scandals/ as they try desperately to find a scandal that will stick and destroy the president. How sad is that? With their refusal to do any real work and the blocking of any legislation that might actually help the people or our country, is it any wonder that our country is suffering? 

They rail against helping the poor as it will add to the deficit, but sees nothing wrong on spending millions to vote over 50 times to get rid of a bill-aca- that has been in effect for 4 years and of course the IRS and the 4 that died in Libya and in essense they have spent more on these actions than it would have cost to help the poor. Interesting to note that all their refusals to eliminate the subsidies to big oil and coal and the continued tax breaks for the already rich and large corporations does nothing for our economy, but the safety net programs that they are intent on destroying actually help our economy and would cost less than the billions they want to make in permanent tax breaks to the largest corporations the world has ever seen.

How do we change this? We vote and vote like never before. Go outside your comfort zone and make sure that all you know both online and offline are educated on the issues and the candidates that have been vetted and are not corporate owned and that they vote. In the states where extreme voting restrictions have been put in place, then help your neighbors be able to vote. 

May peace and harmony surround you




If anyone still has any doubts of the agenda of the GOP-then the latest audacity should clear all doubts. A budget for at risk abused foster kids to help them transition off of foster care was scrapped entirely, but instead a robust permanent tax cut of over 310 million dollars (foster care was 150) to some of our largest corporations- like GE- without any offset to cover it. Because corporations not paying taxes really helps us-right?

At the same time we have the poster boy for GOP/tea-party fools- Ryan himself, with his panel on poverty where no poor people are allowed to testify-facts not allowed in our congress. Then too, we have his newest path to prosperity that would gut all safety net-and medicare and medicaid and of course repeal the ACA and of course the obligatorily tax breaks to the rich of around 200 thousand each and yet raise taxes on the middle class around 2000- quite the difference there.

The party of 1% protectors have decided it doesn’t even matter anymore to pretend that they care about countries needs and helping those in poverty-and at the same time planning to decimate the middle class even more. They seem so sure that their ‘owners’ will be able to protect them, that it is sickening.

Our only hope lies in the people becoming so incensed by the antics of these american haters and seditious politicians, that they vote like never before. They ensure that all they know both online and off are aware of the candidates and the issues and who is best suited to enact the changes needed for the growth of our country and the return of our thriving middle class. Vote