If anyone still has any doubts of the agenda of the GOP-then the latest audacity should clear all doubts. A budget for at risk abused foster kids to help them transition off of foster care was scrapped entirely, but instead a robust permanent tax cut of over 310 million dollars (foster care was 150) to some of our largest corporations- like GE- without any offset to cover it. Because corporations not paying taxes really helps us-right?

At the same time we have the poster boy for GOP/tea-party fools- Ryan himself, with his panel on poverty where no poor people are allowed to testify-facts not allowed in our congress. Then too, we have his newest path to prosperity that would gut all safety net-and medicare and medicaid and of course repeal the ACA and of course the obligatorily tax breaks to the rich of around 200 thousand each and yet raise taxes on the middle class around 2000- quite the difference there.

The party of 1% protectors have decided it doesn’t even matter anymore to pretend that they care about countries needs and helping those in poverty-and at the same time planning to decimate the middle class even more. They seem so sure that their ‘owners’ will be able to protect them, that it is sickening.

Our only hope lies in the people becoming so incensed by the antics of these american haters and seditious politicians, that they vote like never before. They ensure that all they know both online and off are aware of the candidates and the issues and who is best suited to enact the changes needed for the growth of our country and the return of our thriving middle class. Vote 




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