With our fast disappearing democracy and the breakdown on any real governing going on in DC, it can lead to voter apathy and that we must stop. Voting is one of the few real tools we have in reclaiming our government. For much too long, people have been brainwashed by the constant swill that emits from our corporate owned media. We all are aware of the damage Fox news already does, but too many people don’t realize that the other corporate owned media are also suspect.

So-did you vote? If you haven’t  had a primary and don’t vote till later in the year or until November, then please take the time to  become acquainted with the candidates and the issues and share those findings with all you know both online and offline and encourage all to vote this year. Yes, in some states they have tried very hard to limit the ability for people to vote freely and easily and that means we will all have to help those people be able to vote.

Peace and may joy and harmony surround you



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