Today is a holiday to honor all those that have died in the wars our country has and is involved in. This was a day to honor the dead from the civil war and has seen our country in many wars since that time. Maybe the fact that there are several in my family that have served in the military (army, marines, navy) and are now in the service, which also includes those injured in service to our country, makes me feel very passionate about honoring all those that have come before and will be coming still.

Right now, there is a big ‘fight’ (temper tantrum) in DC about the poor service and backlog of service to our vets. What isn’t mentioned is that starting in 2005-Bush and his cronies successfully cut funding year after year for the care of our vets and that all the cuts to the safety net that we have seen for the last 34 years, also hurt those same vets. There should NEVER be a question of cost where these men and women are concerned and in fact if anything we should be RAISING the budget so that it covers all a returning vet will need now and in the future, and that includes comprehensive healthcare, housing, food and education if needed and then help with jobs.

It borders on evil that there are so many vets in our country that are homeless, hungry and sick. In the overwhelming agenda of GOP/Tea-party in shaming and demonizing the poor in our country- the collateral damage includes vets and their family. In fact those cuts to food stamps last November and the cuts made this year, also affect young families that are in the military. 

How do we change this? We vote and that means we all vote and we vote out those that have no concern for the Vets and for the poor and we vote into office people willing to serve our country and to ensure that all vets have what they need and of course all the poor in our country

So, today I honor all those that have died in our military and honor all those in active service and those left so disabled from their injuries- and I commit to joining with others to find a way to never ever have wars or young men and women dying on battleground- no more horrendous injuries both physical and mentally- 

Peace    Image



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