I just spent the last day going back and forth with some posters on climate change. It was unbelievable to me the extent of their lack of scientific education. Even when I listed links to prove my assertions- they wouldn’t bother to read them and then would post a link to a ‘you tube’ article. 

The problem with this kind of disconnect with science in our country is leading to inaction on needed preparations for the coming disasters that await us with projected climate change. I tried to bring attention to the fact that the only ones that profit from this ‘climate change denial’ are the corporations that are driving the pollution behind the climate change, but then of course, I am attacking the ‘job creators’ and can’t have that.

Sadly, this is just one more aspect of ‘fascism’ and it goes hand in hand with extreme religious fanatics that can’t have the people educated as then they will question their beliefs.

The house republicans just passed a bill that forbids the pentagon to budget for climate change risks and in two different states it is also illegal to consider rising ocean levels-north carolina and south carolina- and at the same time in Florida where Miami already sees trouble from higher storm surges, of course Scott their governor wants nothing to do with that, so Miami is doing their own studies on what they might be facing from higher ocean levels. The house also voted to budget much less for any science grants.

We are at a time in history where our future depends on what we do to mitigate the coming climate change and how to best survive. The generations to  come will look back at this time with disgust and shame at our actions. Education and knowledge is despartly needed in our country if we are to progress  and keep our country from being the United Corporations of America with the Koch Bros as CEO’s and science totally outlawed- and no mention allowed of the devastating effects that humans are having on our climate and our earth. 

This is like the flat earth myth and how hard it was for the first scientists  to convince people that not only was the earth round but the earth is orbit around the sun, not the sun in orbit around the earth. 





  1. This situation has nothing to do with fascism. This is all about denial. There are people who really believe the world is 6,000 years old and that man was here from the very beginning. Watch the movie “Inherit the Wind.” That was based upon the 1925 Scopes Trial in Tennessee. There are still people who believe as Matthew Brady (William Jennings Bryan in the real Scopes trial) did. It’s a troubled society where people do not accept evolution and believe the world really was created in six days. There still is a flat world society. So naturally there is no global warning.

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