There is an ongoing humanitarian disaster happening at our border with Mexico. There are massive numbers of ‘children’ some as young as toddlers with older brothers and sisters crossing over the border.  They have fled violence and poverty and many have no parents, and they have been not allowed to stop in any of the countries coming up toward our border. I would point out again that these are CHILDREN. 

What kind of people and what kind of government would not take care of these children and offer them security and place to be? Well, that appears to be our country. They call them illegal and they say they have no business here- so they house them in squalid conditions and then they plan to send those without any family here, right back to where they came from. That is shameful. The comments of many people on the different sites are depressing and downright evil. For a country that the teaparty taliban touts as christian, there is nothing christian in not helping child refugees. In our country they label them illegal and that makes it easy for people to turn away and claim no responsibly to being a human.

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Anyone else remember the above poem-last part of it? 

I am sad and depressed at the depths of lack of empathy and compassion that is not in our country. I keep seeing children walking and crying and alone and without a parent or a grandparent or any adult to protect them. I keep seeing that picture of blankets and no beds on the floor for hundreds of children. What if it was your child that had to run and run and hope that someone will please help them? I sincerely hope that never do we in our country have to live in such violence and poverty, that our children would be forced to flee for safety- who would take an American refugee?





Watching our country and the media surrounding the recent release of the only POW in Afghanistan, it was clear how easily led the people are in our country. It isn’t just this incidence that leads to my feeling that most American’s are totally brainwashed by the corporate owned media. Its everything. People in our country are willing to believe anything that the media puts out there and ask no questions.

Interesting to note that in early 2000’s fox news fought for and won the legal right to ‘lie’ as they are classified as broadcast news. Just a year or so ago- it was made legal for propaganda to be aired in our country and to limit incoming news and/or media that was not in the best interests of our country. Hard to believe? It shouldn’t be. Murdoch even was able to gain control of actual CIA brainwashing technicians and has made good use of that information. All sounds like conspiracy theories, doesn’t it? Sadly, it isn’t.

When all is said and done, the only way to obtain actual real news in our country is to go to outside newspapers and some of the alternative news sources but even then, it isn’t totally going to be for sure that it is correct. Wish I had better information on how to obtain good reliable news, but I don’t. When our media became 95% owned by 6 corporate owned media global giants-we lost the privilege of having reliable non-biased news and that has led to what I call the legal brainwashing of an entire nation and actually the whole world. 

So-question everything and never forget that in our country it is legal for the news to lie and its legal for propaganda to be used



I am appalled at the actions of the GOP/tea-party fools as they rail against the release of a POW that had been held for 5 years. We have McCain whose release as a Vietnam POW was obtained by trading several Vietcong and at the same time, he(McCain) had been vocal about obtaining this POW’s release, that is-until he was released and then of course it becomes an ‘impeaching the president’ crisis. 

What happened to our country? I am ashamed as should be many other American’s at the unending hatred and bigotry and pure insanity that marks this ‘GOP/tea-party’ crowd. We are to leave no American soldier behind ever and the president did the right thing. As to the releases, they will all have to be released the end of December per Geneva compact-as that is the last day of our ‘war’ in Afghanistan. 

One can only wonder what the rest of the world thinks of our country. Thank goodness for such a dignified and graceful president who when asked at the press conference in Brussels- said that as a country we are committed to bringing all American soldiers home and he believes that he did the right thing. He was able to portray the GOP faction as the ones out of tune with what our country stands for and at the same time as usual handled it with grace.

If we want this craziness to stop- we need to all vote and ensure that all we know are current with the issues and the candidates. Imagine the difference in our country if we had a congress committed to working for the needs of the country(think infrastructure and government programs like FDA) and the well being of the people.