I am appalled at the actions of the GOP/tea-party fools as they rail against the release of a POW that had been held for 5 years. We have McCain whose release as a Vietnam POW was obtained by trading several Vietcong and at the same time, he(McCain) had been vocal about obtaining this POW’s release, that is-until he was released and then of course it becomes an ‘impeaching the president’ crisis. 

What happened to our country? I am ashamed as should be many other American’s at the unending hatred and bigotry and pure insanity that marks this ‘GOP/tea-party’ crowd. We are to leave no American soldier behind ever and the president did the right thing. As to the releases, they will all have to be released the end of December per Geneva compact-as that is the last day of our ‘war’ in Afghanistan. 

One can only wonder what the rest of the world thinks of our country. Thank goodness for such a dignified and graceful president who when asked at the press conference in Brussels- said that as a country we are committed to bringing all American soldiers home and he believes that he did the right thing. He was able to portray the GOP faction as the ones out of tune with what our country stands for and at the same time as usual handled it with grace.

If we want this craziness to stop- we need to all vote and ensure that all we know are current with the issues and the candidates. Imagine the difference in our country if we had a congress committed to working for the needs of the country(think infrastructure and government programs like FDA) and the well being of the people. 




  1. While I agree obtaining Sgt. Bergdahl’s release was a worthwhile action I am concerned about the consequences of releasing five very nasty characters. If the price is those five killing other Americans then this was a serious mistake. If the Taliban had demanded a nuclear weapon or some other weapon in exchange for the sergeant’s release would we have agreed? Will other enemies be demanding ever higher prices for release of captured Americans?

    I marked your commentary as a Like because it is well written.

    1. Under Reagan, military weapons were the price of trade. Also, since they are undrr a year long ban on traveling out of Qatar, it means they nd leg under obversation. Prisioners have heen swapped before-this is not the first time. What is a first is the outcry and of course that is all caused by obamacrazy. Thank you for your comment

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