Watching our country and the media surrounding the recent release of the only POW in Afghanistan, it was clear how easily led the people are in our country. It isn’t just this incidence that leads to my feeling that most American’s are totally brainwashed by the corporate owned media. Its everything. People in our country are willing to believe anything that the media puts out there and ask no questions.

Interesting to note that in early 2000’s fox news fought for and won the legal right to ‘lie’ as they are classified as broadcast news. Just a year or so ago- it was made legal for propaganda to be aired in our country and to limit incoming news and/or media that was not in the best interests of our country. Hard to believe? It shouldn’t be. Murdoch even was able to gain control of actual CIA brainwashing technicians and has made good use of that information. All sounds like conspiracy theories, doesn’t it? Sadly, it isn’t.

When all is said and done, the only way to obtain actual real news in our country is to go to outside newspapers and some of the alternative news sources but even then, it isn’t totally going to be for sure that it is correct. Wish I had better information on how to obtain good reliable news, but I don’t. When our media became 95% owned by 6 corporate owned media global giants-we lost the privilege of having reliable non-biased news and that has led to what I call the legal brainwashing of an entire nation and actually the whole world. 

So-question everything and never forget that in our country it is legal for the news to lie and its legal for propaganda to be used



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