Under claims of voter fraud, 3 states are not only working hard to impede voting, but admit publicly they want to keep democrats from voting.

It’s up to all of us to beat them at their traitorous game and VOTE. We can help those in need of ID to be able to vote. We can be vocal on social networks about the issues and the importance of voting.

The GOP are so sure of winning (after all with gerrymandering and impeding voting) that they are vocal about what they will do when the gain control of congress, and how they will shut down the government every time the president doesn’t do what they want.-per Sen McConnell.

The only way to have a government that works for we the people is to engage in the process and vote.

Peace and may harmony surround you




544251_226522067458310_472356890_n_thumb.jpgIf allowed to happen, postings like mine would not be seen. We are able to learn from each other and that is at risk. Speak up and email and call your rep and senator. Sign the petitions


Its hard to miss that we are coming up closer to November and once more voting is an issue. In many states (of course GOP states) voting rights have been curtailed or made harder to vote. Yet in the states with no restrictions, the turn out for primaries was quite sad and such little turnout.


In fact in our state where we vote by mail, it was the lowest turn out in decades- why?

If people choose to not vote in the upcoming November elections, we could see a repeat of 2010 and another wave of the tea-party fools. If that should happen, it will be horrendous for our country.

I take the time to read the bills and so am quite aware of the bills that the house has put through and so far the democrat held senate has been able to deflect those bills and protect we the people from the avarice of the GOP-gods of poverty and their allegiance only to the few elite and large corporations.

So-why vote? Vote because that is the only way we continue to have a democratic republic. It will be important this election to ensure that all you know both online and offline  are aware of the issues and aware of which candidates will govern for we the people and not govern for the corporate dollar.


If we want to continue to be the United States of America and not the United Corporations of America with its own American Taliban- we have to vote


Peace and may your voice be added to the outcry against the tyranny of a corporate owned government and be the voice needed to reclaim democracy and to silence the voice of the corporate dollar/


Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you