My husband passed away on October 8th at 4:54 in the afternoon. He is free of a body that failed him much too soon. This last journey of our time together started 11 and half years ago, when he suffered his first stroke and then heart problems and the list grew.

If my husband had had access to healthcare all his adult life, this story would be ending different. Our generation was the one where the mills started closing and contracting out became the norm, where insurance was not included and if it was possible, many times a cost that couldn’t be paid. So, when he had insurance he took the high blood pressure medicine and then come up with the co-pay. When there were lapses in coverage, that meant no doctor visit and no more refills. Also at the same time there were not the testings (minor in the office kind)  that would have caught the signs of the blockage that led to the first stroke. His blood pressure would have been under control and they would have had him on blood thinners and the blood tests  needed to see if working properly..

The costs don’t only include the actual cost of the healthcare and nursing home and surgeries and prescriptions, but the loss of the wages and taxes that my husband would have been earning. Even with the insurance reform, that wasn’t enough. We need to open medicare/medicaid to all from birth and as is done now-means test for premiums and co-pays. The unseen costs of for profit healthcare are varied and immense and sadly seem to stay hidden from view.

There are many like my husband who would have a longer life and a healthier life. I can’t change what happened but I can and am advocating for universal non profit healthcare available from birth to death for all in our country. The benefits from this approach would be seen and would be visible to see.

RIP My husband- 01-13-54 to 10-08-14  Our journey ended much too soon

Peace mother-teresa-ripples



It should come as no surprise to anyone that of course the budget was cut for CDC and at the same time, when the president asked for money to help fight Ebola in Africa- they gave half.  Why does that matter? Well they are the first defense against the possibility of pandemics and at the same time, that takes money. The irrational cutting of needed programs for the poor, needed government agencies like USDA, FDA and of course CDC, puts all of us at risk.

We have breaches in foreign security because of the budget cuts since 2010. They cut funding for enforcement of regulations like USDA AND FDA and that makes all of us at risk. All of those cuts and others pale in comparison to the cuts at CDC.

What is wrong with those in congress( GOP/teaparty) that they consider any money spent on programs needed for the people and the country subject to cutting to the bone? Do they not realize that without these needed programs, it puts all of us at risk and that includes their owners (you know the few elite). Being rich doesn’t protect you against virus like Ebola and it takes money to prevent a pandemic and it takes money for the equipment and doctors and researchers.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of living in the worlds wealthiest country and yet not be protected in anyway from dangers in our food and water and air to the dangers of viruses like Ebola. Its ridiculous and yet we will only see change if we vote- So, bottom line- what will it take to start spending money on the programs that benefit our country and people and stop spending on corporate subsidies and tax cut after tax cut on the few elite and large corporations? What will it take to wake people up to the dangers of a government that only works for the few and could care less about the many? Will it take a pandemic like Ebola to finally wake up our government?

Doubtful- the few elite and the global corporations run the show and they deem themselves above the masses. I take little satisfaction in the knowledge that diseases don’t care how rich you are- even the rich perish.