It should come as no surprise to anyone that of course the budget was cut for CDC and at the same time, when the president asked for money to help fight Ebola in Africa- they gave half.  Why does that matter? Well they are the first defense against the possibility of pandemics and at the same time, that takes money. The irrational cutting of needed programs for the poor, needed government agencies like USDA, FDA and of course CDC, puts all of us at risk.

We have breaches in foreign security because of the budget cuts since 2010. They cut funding for enforcement of regulations like USDA AND FDA and that makes all of us at risk. All of those cuts and others pale in comparison to the cuts at CDC.

What is wrong with those in congress( GOP/teaparty) that they consider any money spent on programs needed for the people and the country subject to cutting to the bone? Do they not realize that without these needed programs, it puts all of us at risk and that includes their owners (you know the few elite). Being rich doesn’t protect you against virus like Ebola and it takes money to prevent a pandemic and it takes money for the equipment and doctors and researchers.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of living in the worlds wealthiest country and yet not be protected in anyway from dangers in our food and water and air to the dangers of viruses like Ebola. Its ridiculous and yet we will only see change if we vote- So, bottom line- what will it take to start spending money on the programs that benefit our country and people and stop spending on corporate subsidies and tax cut after tax cut on the few elite and large corporations? What will it take to wake people up to the dangers of a government that only works for the few and could care less about the many? Will it take a pandemic like Ebola to finally wake up our government?

Doubtful- the few elite and the global corporations run the show and they deem themselves above the masses. I take little satisfaction in the knowledge that diseases don’t care how rich you are- even the rich perish.




  1. The powerful tell the citizens of the United States that this is the greatest country in the world. Sadly those that say those words are insulated from the average American. There is a total disconnect that cannot be understood. So whether it’s health care or any other issue they simply do not understand. We are in trouble.

  2. Spreading more lies!! See below!!

    “Bausch says that the obstacle to developing an Ebola vaccine isn’t the science; researchers have actually made really great strides in figuring out how to fight back against Ebola and the Marburg virus, a similar disease.
    “We now have a couple of different vaccine platforms that have shown to be protective with non-human primates,” says Bausch, who has received awards for his work containing disease outbreaks in Uganda. He is currently stationed in Lima, Peru, as the director of the emerging infections department of Naval Medical Research Unit 6.
    The problem, instead, is the economics of drug development. Pharmaceutical companies have little incentive to pour research and development dollars into curing a disease that surfaces sporadically in low-income, African countries. They aren’t likely to see a large pay-off at the end — and could stand to lose money.”

  3. This article is biased, the GOP was cutting unnecessary spending by the CDC that had nothing to do with disease control. See the following example on how the CDC spend $3 billion tax dollars on disease control.

    For example, the CDC has received nearly $3 billion in funding from the Prevention and Public Health Fund, a new program funded by the Affordable Care Act. But only 6 percent of that money “went toward building epidemiology and laboratory capacity,” Jindal writes. More money went to programs such as encouraging farmers’ markets and neighborhood grocery stores, and adding bike lanes and street lighting to promote walking.

    That’s over 2 1/2 billion that could have been spend on stopping disease, but was spend on bike and walking trails instead. So tell me, why are spending billions on bike trails instead of disease control. I would be cutting their budget too, if they aren’t going to spend the money correctly.

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