no words needed

income-dispartity-chart plutocracy


One thought on “no words needed

  1. Neither political party has helped the masses in America. The Democrats talk a good game but they have done little or nothing to stop the growing income gap. The Republicans tell us that this is the land of opportunity and all you have to do is work harder. There is not one potential presidential candidate for 2016 that is likely to change the current trajectory.

    We are not alone in this situation. Historically 80% of all wealth has been owned by 20% of the population ((Pareto’s Law).

    The USA is on the same path as India except here we don’t allow starvation. Europe seems to have found more balance. Tax the wealthy at significantly higher rates to provide services for the masses. The downside is the lack of creativity in most European nations.

    Solution? I don’t have one.

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