Why? Is it voter apathy or a disconnect with government?  They say the young stayed home and who can blame them. They have been raised on the lie that goverment is the enemy and the trickle down fairytale and have entered the job market during the closest to a major depression since the 30s. They have no hope of a good career job or paying off the college education. Many have given up looking for a job that will enable them to live on their own and accept the cold reality of today’s economy.

Our state had a 69% turnout,  which is still shamefully low. We also had a solid democrat win- the coming challenge is to build a populist movement that captures the young to become involved and engaged in the process. We need to give them hope and we need them to vote. In fact we all need to vote.

I sure wish I knew how to accomplish this, but we have 2 years of probable hell from the disaster of this election to find a way to get people to vote.




  1. American democracy has proven itself to be a failure. Evidence is the Washington grid lock that will probably last at least another two years. Most people recognized that likelihood and decided that voting was just a waste of time.

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