Of course by now, everyone is aware even the clueless in our country that the republicans scored and captured congressional majority- oh yay, happy times ahead, right?  That would be a big no. They started out with their first day of work to dismantle SS disability by changing the rules that allowed money to be transferred as needed between the two programs – ie SS or SSD or SSI, The way it stands now unless something changes, all SSD and SSI will be decreased by 19.5% each month starting in 2016. This on top of benefits that still leave a person in poverty. Next on their agenda was of course the Keystone Pipeline- you know the one where Canadian private corporations declare imminent domain and take Peoples lands and then make the Koch Bros and of course Boehner lots of money. For we the people, not so good- we just get the pollution and subsequent responsibility clean up the coming spills- not if, but just when it spills. ( 2 spills last week on other pipelines in our country,one in Yellowstone river in Montana and one in North Dakota . Next on their mission was of course to do what they can to take medical insurance away from the people by changing the rules for full time from 30 to 40 hours a week, which of course means that now a corporation can work you 39 hours and not provide health insurance benefits. Then Boehner invited  the Israel prime minister Netanyahu behind the presidents back and thus  endangering our foreign policy and international negotiations.

They have been in office only 2 weeks- so again, did you vote in November?

Keeping it short tonight as its the first time I felt like writing. Time heals all wounds, right? Peace everyone and may harmony and love surround you.



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