We barely get done with one election and then it’s back to campaigning. I am not even talking about the GOP clown car and the hilary campaign,  but rather the continuous emails from senators and congressman.  Since I am active online and sign petition aND send emails, I am bombarded with email after email asking for money.

I read that Sanders was unsure if he could come up with the funds needed to campaign, I was struck anew at how important it is to remove money from campaigns.  We need public funded campaigns and no other money allowed. Of course it’s better for we the people if Sanders stays in congress where the real power lays.

Imagine how much more productive those in congress would be if they no longer devoted time to asking for money? Not only that, but it would stop the richest few from buying candidates. Add to that mandatory voting (don’t freak out- no penalty ) because it would prevent voter obstruction and restrictions. No more gerrymandering of districts, instead have districts be counties.

Now it will only get worse as the clown car fills up and the hilary campaign takes off. I hear there are more clowns viewing for the GOP car. My inbox will become suffocated with pleas for money and it’s over a year and a half till the next ellection.  Zzzzzzz




  1. With eight or more declared and undeclared candidates the GOP group needs to line up the needed money. So I can understand the early events by that group. Hillary Clinton has no strong opposition so why she declared 18 months before the election is a mystery to me. That there is no strong alternate to Mrs. Clinton is sad for the Democratic Party.

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