It seems as not much has changed in the last 50 years as far as civil rights go in our country. I was a teenager when the race riots of the late 60s happened. The reasons then and the reasons now are the same. When people feel as if they do not matter and are unseen by the country they live in, it creates the underlying hopelessness that drives the need to protest.

Unlike then our media today is wholly corporate owned and only reports what their masters want the public to see. They  call them thugs as that is the new ‘key’ word to diminish their voice. They called them ‘niggers’ and ‘animal’s’ back then as if that is any worse than thugs. Is it right that violence erupts when peaceful protests are planned? No its not, but its the direct result of years of abuse by a police force that is militarized and intent on subduing any outburst and a government that not only condones but has created the police force we now see.

I remember that poem from world war 2- you know the one about where they came for the various groups and since it wasnt them, they said nothing until when they came for you, there was no one left to protest. That is just as true now as it was then. Anyone that is poor and lives in a poor neighborhood or is mentally ill in our country are also at risk of police brutality and death, but its the people with black skin and brown skin (to me we are all american human beings with different skin colors) that bear the brunt of the attacks. Corporate media makes sure to marginalize and critique so as to ensure that no one questions why this happens- after all they are just lawless thugs, right?

Where is the media coverage of the peaceful protests country-wide and the way they are treated when peaceful? When will americans start to realize that we are all in danger when we allow this to happen?

I have no answers and only questions about where do we go from here? How do we stop this? Why won’t more americans stand up and demand an end to police being militarized?  I read that the Baltimore police force goes to Israel to train so as to combat our own people the way Israel oppresses those in Palestine. I don’t about you, but I find it quite offensive that a police force would train in a foreign country.

When the middle class becomes the target of the police, we will of course see an outcry, but it may well be too late by then. There was a bill to cease the militarization of our police force, but of course was voted down by the GOP-standing true to being the gods of poverty guarding old plutocrats.

There is much to say and little to do but wonder what is so wrong with our country? 50 years later and a black president and still our country is even more racist than it was in the 60s. It is just presented differently.

Since my husbands passing last year, it has taken time for me to get back on track and begin to write again. All things take time and yes time does heal all wounds.  Peace


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