I had been telling my oldest daughter for quite awhile that our mainstream news is not really news anymore. Last night when I went to say I was going to bed early, she had on CNN. They were discussing the Dugger realty show and the latest on Josh Dugger. Not exactly what you would expect from a news station in the past.

Then they had a 35 year recap of their station and that is when even my daughter was able to see what our news used to be like.Since she is just shy a month of 40, she had not really seen what news used to be like. I have to admit that I also had forgotten what it used to be like when you turned CNN on. The difference was amazing – the hard hitting investigating and then reporting on what they found – they showed actual footage of war zones- they actually went to the story and didn’t just look pretty and funny on the set- as the years went by, it became more about the ratings and less about ferreting out the real news.

So, I decided to see who owns CNN – Ted Turner started CNN in 1980 as the first 24 hour new network. Time Warner then purchased Turner Broadcasting in 1996. AOL merged with Time Warner in 2000, which didn’t last. As it stands now it appears that Charter and Time Warner want to merge-it hasn’t happened yet. It’s interesting to note that when Time Warner bought out Turner Broadcasting in 1996 is also when Fox news started. That is also when the news stopped being the news and became what it is today- more of a reality show that no longer goes after the real story and instead has news that is about what is happening with the Duggers and Bruce Jenner- of course occasionally they give some real reporting, but like Fox news they,also pedal in untruths and outright lies like the no-go zones that they were caught up in.

If I want to gather real information on what is going on in our world, so far I will go with Aljazeera, sometimes BBC world and online searches and out of country news stations.

Sadly, way too many people are unaware that our news broadcasting and our printed and online news is owned by 5 mega giant corporations and that what they feed as news is anything but that. In our country there is no law requiring our news to be truthful, factual and non biased and instead as Fox news proved in 2003- it’s perfectly legal to force your reporters to lie as its ‘broadcast news’. Maybe it would be a good thing to petition to have our ¬†country declare that its illegal to peddle untruths and propaganda, but its doubtful that will happen anytime soon.

So, in conclusion our news is a joke


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