You would probably have to be braindead  not to hear about the infamous tapes doing a smear job on Planned Parenthood and the ensuing rush to condemn and vote to cut funding of planned parenthood in congress-

I am going to post this photo and then take it from there-


Those are the reasons we need Planned Parenthood. Reasons that are important to all of us, as people will feel more anonymous to go there for STD and HIV screenings, instead of their primary care if they have insurance. Its where I went back in the day for pregnancy testing (yeah, I am old and you couldn’t buy tests like now) Its where my daughter went for a screening (no insurance) and they found she had cervical cancer and it was caught early enough to be able to keep it from turning into active status. Its where she went for a confirmation test (also no insurance) its where a close friend went for her yearly (she has insurance) exam as she feels more comfortable and she had noticed something a little weird and thought that maybe her primary was wrong. She had the beginning of Vulva cancer- it was caught early enough that a simple out patient surgery cured. I know of many that went there for birth control and yes some for abortions.

One reason that they do catch so many early cancers is that is part of what they do and they are trained to look for early signs. They also offer a non judgmental clinic for STD and HIV testing and so that encourages more people to get those tests and that leads to fewer cases. In Indiana when they closed all planned parenthood clinics, they had an HIV outbreak-serious enough that Indiana reopened those clinics. He also called for an investigation after the smear videos- he found nothing illegal and nothing that merited a closing.

More abortions are prevented by these clinics than abortions needed by a 97 to 3 percentage.

Bottom line is that it seems to be a concerted effort to demonize and control women. It truly is a war on women and our daughters and granddaughters. It feels like sometimes we now have a Taliban attitude about women and their right to their own healthcare and reproduction

Maybe someone should tell those in congress that there are more women voters than men in our country and for most men that means they will be voting in favor of what is good for the women in their life.



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