The president has  committed to taking in only 10 thousand refugees. That is a disgusting low figure and yet the GOP/tea-party fools think that is too many. To listen to the likes of Trump, all refugees and immigrants are just criminals looking for freebies and need to be deported and not allowed to even enter. When did our country become so selfish and downright nasty about the needs of others?

What will happen when Americans need help? Don’t think that can happen? In a way the first refugees from climate change is happening in Alaska as a small village is being slowly devoured by the encroaching water levels that are raising. Sure it will be just to another area of Alaska, but what happens when the oceans rise as they say and the fires in the west can not be stopped? What if we are attacked like Syria or Iraq or Iran? Who would take us in?

We need to help others and not just because we may need help someday, but because its the right thing to do. I hope with all that makes me – me, that never do we have to face what these poor people are facing. In the end do we not as human beings need to help our fellow human beings? Is there a way to stop this from happening? How can we stop these countries from killing their own people and destroying their cities all in the name of religion and/or greed? Of course they would rather have never had to flee for their lives- they would rather their homes had not been destroyed and they would all wish that they didn’t have to flee.

In the end there is not good answers and we can only try each and everyone of us to do what we can to help.




I feel the need to claim that on a regular basis lately. What with the woman in Kentucky and the endorsement of presidential candidates and the judges in other states declaring it is against their religion to honor same sex marriages, it does seem to feel as if we might be becoming a theocracy. It would be stupid on our part to not take this serious. These people would really like to make our country one that is governed by their version of religion and their interpertation of the bible. Interesting to note that in many ways they resemble the taliban mindset of other countries and even the ISIS cult that is causing such terror and horror in the mid east. Why?

Our countries government was started with the intention of keeping religion separate from government and there is no mention of the bible or bible laws anywhere in our constitution. That doesn’t stop the idiots that would really like to instill religious laws and government in our country. Their idea of religious freedom is the right to force others to bow down to their beliefs and not the freedom to choose your own religion.

Much like in the era of civil rights when they used obscure bible verses to justify segregation and the denial of interracial marriages. I well remember Wallace standing in the doorway of the school stating they would not be desegregated. The national guard was called out and he was forced to stand down. Right around that time the KKK adopted the confederate flag and used their hate filled power to cause the deaths of many people. Now they use an obscure bible verse to justify their objection to same gender marriage. Wrong then and wrong now. Now with the internet and social media its quite easy to communicate and in a way actually give these fools more power.

So how do we stop them?