I really didn’t plan on writing today about this subject, but this one happened in my state. Yes another shooting with several left dead at a community college here in Oregon. All I could think of when I read about this, is that its just too close to home and when does it stop?

No other country has mass shootings like this, unless they are a third world country mired in hopeless conflict and wars. We are fast becoming a first world status with 3rd world conditions. Why?

Why do we continue to put up with this? When will it be okay finally to admit that it’s not alright for everyone to have guns. There must be some way to stop this senseless violence. What will it take? I am so tired of hearing that guns are our constitutional right and don’t take guns away from people. Guns kill- that’s the only reason for guns. They serve no other purpose. You can buy a gun easier in our country than you can register to vote. Let that resonate for a bit and then ask yourself if that should be the case.

Of course all the gun nuts will come out and say that guns don’t kill, just people who shouldn’t have guns, but they want no restrictions on obtaining guns. I really don’t have any good ideas except the ones that will not be even considered in our country. We could do as Australia did after a mass shooting over a decade ago and buy back all guns. We could have shooting ranges where people can store their guns and use them only at that range. We could have storage places for hunting rifles and if you have a hunting license, you could check them out for hunting season. Does that mean that it leaves you helpless against intruders no, it doesn’t.  There are methods of defense that don’t include guns. There is mace and pellet guns and other methods of personal defense.

Will this even be considered in our country. No, of course not. When the shooting in Arizona happened to a member of congress that would have been an opportunity to enact strict regulations when the mass shooting of little children happened CT- that would have been an opportunity and when the two reporters were shot and killed on live tv- that would have been an opportunity. So, now we have another shooting and young people’s lives cut short, because we live in a country that will not even consider that something is wrong, much less do something about it.

I am sad today and my heart breaks for the families of these people whose lives were cut short by senseless violence involving a gun and wonder when will it stop? When will it finally be too much? What are the answers to solve this problem?

I have no answers and only questions and the hope that someday soon our country will address this problem and come up with solutions that stop the senseless deaths.




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    My solution to the issue of mass shootings is mass confiscation of guns. I know others will say that this could lead to a dictator but look at these facts. All of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and other nations have freedom of a democracy and no dictators. The death rate from use of guns is one-fifth that of the United States.

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