Once again, voter apathy has led to a governor that the people of Kentucky will soon regret. They say that it was less than 23% of the legal voters that turned out. Yet all the democrats that turned out and voted on other candidates and issues were greater than the republican voters and yet a republican won the governor position.

Why is it that voters stay home in off years? Voter apathy is the reason and the media has a lot to do with that. People feel as if their voice doesn’t matter and that the candidates are all the same- so why vote? Well as they are finding out in Kentucky, it matters a lot.

Voting should be mandatory and campaigns should be totally public funded so that all people can run for the open seats in states and the federal level and not just the richest. If voting is mandatory there is no way for political parties to try to obstruct and restrict voting. If campaigns are public funded, then there is no way for the richest few to buy the candidates. We also need to make gerrymandering illegal in every state and remake districts to be only about how many people in are in the district and not what political party they vote for.

In our state we vote by mail and even in the off year of 2014, we had the highest turnout at 69%, and that is shameful, but the rest of the country .was at 20 to 30% turnout.

So we can either keep on the same way or do what is necessary to combat voter apathy and the steps I listed above would be a start. Also we need to have laws that ensure that political ads and speeches have to be truthful (supreme court ruled that its legal to lie) and laws that ensure our news is true, factual, non biased and fair.

Will this work? I don’t know, but I know that we need to become the change needed.


Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you


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