We are still listed and thought of as a ‘first world status’ but we are fast becoming a ‘3rd world conditions’ in many parts of our country and our inequality of wealth is nation wide. People often ask what inequality of wealth has to do with 3rd world countries and I just point out that in those countries, only a few are wealthy while the country is without good infrastructure or housing or clean water or good education or good healthcare. There governments are owned by the richest few and corporations are able to do as they please.

Sound familiar? Our infrastructure is crumbling with most of the country with a rating of D- in all states. That means we are just one crumpled bridge or bad rails away from disasters. Our education has been failing for years and in is falling even faster in pockets of our country. Religion is being inserted wherever and whenever possible in our schools and our government. Detroit has thousands of people without the money needed to have access to running water and we just found out that in Flint-their water is full of toxic levels of lead and they knew it. Homelessness is increasing with each year and yet we have thousands of homes owned by banks that sit empty. Access to healthcare is determined by your ability to pay and in many states there is no healthcare at all available to the very poorest and those that are homeless as they didn’t expand medicaid and/or they have no public hospitals as private hospitals do not have to provide care to those without money. Our government is owned  by the wealthy few thanks to their ability to donate (buy) as much as they desire to whom they want to wing. Our corporations are treated as if they are gods and are allowed to do as they please (of course they try to hide it) and as has just happened are able to override countries regulations (in the new budget there is a bill that makes it illegal to list country of origin on our meat after canada and mexico corporations objected)

So here in the land of the poor, we are first world status with 3rd world conditions.

We can change this if we but vote and vote well. We are the change needed and we are the only ones that can change this.








2 thoughts on “THE LAND OF THE POOR

  1. You should be supporting Bernie Sanders for president. Even if he does not win the nomination his views will send a message to Hillary Clinton and Republican candidates. Every candidate does look at the polls. They all respond to the views of the electorate.

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