By now its clear that the Sanders run for president is indeed a political revolution. The question is – what does that mean?

To revolt is to want to change the status quo and by that explanation, we can see that indeed there is a political revolution going on in our country. There are two sides to this- the rise of Trump is on the negative side and Sanders is on the positive side.

The question is, which side will win? On one hand we have the millennials and the baby boomers that never lost their ideals (like Sander) and the under educated fox news zombie crowd who are full of hatred and suspicion of ‘others’.

Its time to pick a side and go with it- we need what Sanders is offering and at the same time we need a congress that will back him up. Trump and his followers actually want to destroy our government and let our country continue to devolve into a 3rd world country.

We need to unite together and do what is necessary to keep our country from devolving further. We need to not let the corporate owned media control the facts and share with all we know, what the real truths are.

If we want to be a country that is ‘great’ for everyone, then we need to make gerrymandering illegal in all states and vote into office only people that actually believe in the government and want to actively work towards a government that works for the people. We need to get money out of politics- we need to reclaim the voice that we have been denied by the few rich that now control our nation. We need to VOTE and we need to get those that are in thrall to the ‘tea-party politics’ educated.

I have picked my side- Sanders for president. How about you?




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